Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed

Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed
Pawhut Elevated Pet bed

Specifications Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed

  • Elevated to protect your pet from dirt and bugs
  • Well ventilated texteline mesh cover keeps pet cool
  • Oxford fabric will not tear or crack
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Easy to assemble
  • Colour: Brown, Black Frame
  • Mesh size(each): 34.5W x 55L cm
  • Net weight: 2.5kg
  • Weight capacity: 50kg
  • Metal Frame

Initial Thoughts

I purchased the Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed for Saber. It was only around 6 months ago as I thought it would be good for him to be off the floor when resting.

When it arrived the frame seemed very strong and has proofed to be very resilient. The cover threads onto the frame when building it. Therefore the Pawhut elevated dog bed seemed like a good buy. The cover of the bed seemed good and strong and is rated at least 10Kg above Saber’s weight.


As I said initially I have had the Pawhut elevated dog bed for 6 months now and the stitching has gone. Where the mesh is stitched on to canvas surround it has separated.

Ok I thought maybe I was just a bit unlucky and the cover had got through quality control.

I bought the Pawhut elevated dog bed through a seller on Ebay and as I had cancelled my account on said Auction site for a totally un-related incident, I could not get any kind of warranty exchange or repair.

No problem I will just buy another cover and try again. But no such luck unfortunately as nobody who sells the Pawhut elevated dog bed sells the cover alone.

I have emailed many of the UK sellers of this item and none of could supply me with a new cover alone.


I suppose the conclusion is obvious to all really. Don’t buy the Pawhut elevated dog bed unless you don’t care that spare covers are not available. Making it a throw away for the complete unit. meaning you have buy another bed complete every 6 months.

Saber's Pawhut elevated dog bed
Pawhut elevated dog bed

As can be seen in the above image the stitching is giving way and the mesh material is pulling apart.

Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed




  • Good Size
  • Strong Frame


  • No Replacement Covers
  • Poor Stitching
  • Product Support