K9 CREW Pro Harness

Manufacturers Specifications and Information

“Why is this harness the most popular harness across UK and Europe? It’s because we have designed it to be fully adjustable so that you can fit it exactly to your dog. This fit is important, because a good fit gives you much more control over your dog. With four adjustable straps and a proportional chest plate, this harness reduces your dog’s inclination to pull, and means he or she cannot pull out of the harness. We’ve found this harness to be really popular with working dogs, including those used by the police, military and security forces around the world, and we’ve listed below the breeds that this harness works particularly well for, along with a suggested size guide.”

This is the blurb about the K9 CREW Pro Harness on their website. The problems I had fitting it to Saber proves this “because we have designed it to be fully adjustable so that you can fit it exactly to your dog” to not be true.

Size Guide

  • German/Belgian/Dutch Shepherd – Large & XL
  • Presa Canario/Cane Corso/Dogue De Bordeaux – XL
  • American Bulldog/Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog/American Bully – Large & XL
  • French Bulldog/Pug/Boston Terrier – XS & Small
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier – Medium & Large
  • Labrador/Golden Retriever – Large & XL
  • Springer/Cocker Spaniel – Medium & Large
  • Huskie/Akita/Malamute – XL
  • English/Olde English/Victorian Bulldog – Large & XL
  • Great Dane/English Mastiff – XL & XXL


  • Small

Stomach Circumference:  adjustable between 55cm – 70cm

For the best fit aim for middle of the body range

Chest Circumference: adjustable between 55cm – 65cm

Chest belt: adjustable between 19cm – 23cm

  • Medium

Stomach Circumference: adjustable between 65cm – 85cm

For the best fit aim for middle of the body range

Chest Circumference: adjustable between 65cm – 75cm

Chest belt: adjustable between 21cm – 23cm

  • Large

Stomach Circumference: adjustable between 75cm – 90cm

For the best fit aim for middle of the body range

Chest Circumference: adjustable between 72cm – 88cm

Chest belt: adjustable between 23cm – 26cm

  • X-Large

Stomach Circumference: adjustable between 90cm – 105cm

For the best fit aim for middle of the body range

Chest Circumference: adjustable between 78cm – 96cm

Chest belt: adjustable between 29cm – 34cm

I decided to buy a new harness for Saber, after searching the internet for something different I came across the K9 Crew Pro Harness .

Saber wearing his K9 Crew Pro Harness
Saber wearing his K9 Crew Pro Harness

Initial Impressions

The The K9 Crew Pro Harness is well made and lightweight. There are adjustment points for the Girth chest fit and also to adjust the chest plate length (4 in total). On both sides there are velcro strips for patches or logos. It is shipped with K9 Crew patches as seen in the photograph above. the piping round the harness is reflective handy for night walks although I personally fit Saber with a flashing red light for extra safety. But the adjustments do not allow the straps to stop rubbing the inside of Saber’s legs.

It comes with a control handle which is not only stitched onto the harness but also studded on, making it strong and useful for agitation work and bite training. The handle is also useful if you have a reactive dog and need quick control if he lunges towards other dogs.


The K9 Crew Pro Harness has one fastening clip, this one is a heavy duty plastic clip but it is also available with a Cobra Fastening (Cobra metal buckle has a mechanism for rapid fastening and unfastening)

The Cobra Harness also comes in Coyote brown as well as black. The girth is easily adjustable as are the chest sizing and also the chest plate adjustment, once adjusted they do not slip as many others tend to do.

The harness saddle is smaller than say the Julius K9 harness and as I said has a chest plate incorporated not an add on. Putting the harness on the dog is easy it slips over the dogs head, after which it can be fitted as a one leg step in or the girth strap can be slipped through the chest plate and slipped back in before fastening avoiding the step in. The large strong lead anchor point is just below the handle on the saddle of the harness and gives good control of the dog.


The dog K9 Crew Pro dog harness is well made but not a lot of thought has been put into its design as far as adjustments go. If you have a dog like Saber the Large should easily fit him but the chest plate is too short. This cause rubbing on the inside joints of his legs and visibly affects his gate. The next size up is too large.

I would not recommend this harness to anybody looking for a new harness for their furry best friend.

Harness purchased through manufacturers website

The other con I see regarding the K9 Crew Pro harness is the handle, if using as an everyday harness the handle is permanently in the upright position and as such could easily catch on branches and bushes hanging up your dog. Unlike the Julius K9 harness on which the handle fastens down.


After trying to adjust the harness to allow the girth strap to fit further back on Saber the strap still rubs on the inside of his front legs. This of course makes it restrictive to his gait. Saber is a long dog so maybe this is why I can’t get enough adjustment out of the harness. K9 Crew suggested I swap it for the next size up, but that would be too big for his girth. All in all the harness is no good for Saber. I have tried all the adjustments twice over and it will not sit further back enough to stop rubbing his legs because of the chest plate.

So if you are looking for a new harness I would definitely consider looking elsewhere for a harness for your dog. After speaking to them it seems this company is like many these days if it’s no good for you tough, like it or lump it.

In my opinion the Julius K9 Harness beats this one out no problems at all.

Julius K9 on Amazon

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

K9 CREW Pro Harness




  • Well Made
  • Good Materials


  • Adjustments On Belly Strap
  • Customer Service
  • Rubs Dogs Legs
  • Handle Always Up
  • Expensive