Caution Dog Strap Harness

I purchased a Dexil Caution Dog Strap Harness for Saber. This decision was made after one too many people with yappy little dogs swinging around on a Flexi Lead letting their dogs approach him.

The Friendly Brigade

Usually accompanied with the statement “don’t worry he/she is friendly”. Great that makes everything ok then, not.

I personally don’t care if their dog is friendly or not. I do not want another dog approaching him on his blind side or from directly in front. This can easily lead to conflict. I believe these kind of people shouldn’t own a dog or be allowed to own one.

The conflict then escalates to it all being Saber’s fault. Which is even worse when said dog isn’t even on a lead or under any kind of control.

Dexil Colour Coded Dog Awareness Harness
Saber wearing his Dexil Colour Coded Dog Harness.

Dog Harness Variations

Yellow for…. Adopt Me and Nervous

Blue For……. Service Dog and Training

Purple for….. Do Not Feed

Red For…………Caution

White For …….Blind also Deaf

Green For………Friendly

Amber For……..No Dogs

I think this traffic light system is a great idea and one that should be adopted by more people.

The one I purchased is a Caution (do not approach) webbing strap harness which is Large/XL.

The straps adjust from 24 Inch to 36 Inch for chest and belly girth.

For the smaller dogs there are the same colour coded vest harnesses.

Fitting The Harness

The webbing harness that I have is a step in type of harness, with adjustments for the chest size and the girth size. I have to say it was easily fitted and the adjusters do their job well. Saber just hates stepping into anything.

Quality of the Harness.

The quality of the Caution Dog Strap Harness seems very good far better than I expected for the price which was only £13.95 including delivery. The harness arrived by second class post two days after ordering it and was well packaged and a surprise bag of treats in there also.

The webbing is 1 inch wide and appears to be of very good quality nylon. The D rings and O rings are corrosion resistant and also seem to be of surprisingly good quality considering the price.

In Use

I had absolutely no problems walking Saber with this harness, he seemed comfortable and it did not impede his gait at all. Something that I find to be a definite plus when using a harness. All in all I am very happy to recommend this harness to other users.

The harness also has a piece of velcro on the harness where the two leash connections are. I am assuming this is so that when the dog is of leash the straps can be fastened down.

  • High quality one size non-pull harness fits chest girth 61-92cm (23-36inch)
  • Use the CAUTION range to show that this dog should not be approached
  • All products feature durable nylon, anti-corrosion triggers and ‘D’ rings, and embroidered wording
  • Colour coded with wording to PREVENT accidents or incidents in public, A Safer Place For All
  • Available in buckle and semi-choke collars, leads, harnesses and coats in various sizes and ranges
  • Great for dogs that pull

Leads and collars to match can also be purchased from Dexil.


Strap Harness Large-Extra Large fully adjustable to fit. High strength fits chest/belly girth  59cm-92cm x 25mm width (23”-36” x 1”) and has double rings for lead/leash attachment for extra security. Harness has 6 embroidered words.

Suitable for use on bull breeds, large dogs and dogs that pull.

I have not mentioned that the specs mention that it is a no pull harness. This is something I can’t really test as Saber doesn’t pull on the lead anymore.

Now all that is needed is meeting said other dog owners that can actually read !!!!!!!!!!

5 Day Update of The Caution Dog Strap Harness

After using this harness for 5 days I can say it is very good as a lightweight harness.

It seems though that dog owners are in the main illiterate, they obviously can not see very well, or that they are just downright ignorant.

Even though the harness has CAUTION embroidered in large white letters six times, they still want their dogs to meet and greet.

So I would say if you want a lightweight harness (as I did anyway for Saber to swim in) get one, but for warning the idiots to keep away from your dog just let him bite their dog. That seems to work the best. (Tongue in cheek statement)

Caution Dog Strap Harness


Author Rating



  • Well Made
  • Easily Adjusted
  • Wording Embroidered On


  • Step In Harness
  • One Size Fits All