What Is Your Dogs Favourite Toy Is It A Kong Or Ball That Is Best

What Is Your Dogs Favourite Toy?
What Is Your Dogs Favourite Toy

What Is Your Dogs Favourite Toy

do you know? does he bring one particular toy when he wants to play?

Saber like many other dogs has a myriad of toys at his disposal. The one he will always go for when he wants to play is a bit of rope, yep that’s right nothing more than a piece of old rope.

When we are out on a walk he will happily chase a ball for a certain length of time and then just abandon it. Not his old bit of rope though that has some kind of special meaning in his mind.

Saber Will Find Balls in Bushes and On The Beach

These balls he always ensures he carries all the way home, but once there he doesn’t care about them any more. Once thrown in the house for him to chase he will go get this old horrible piece of rope.

Often, the logic behind a dogs favourite toy is more than a little lost on us. We might not think the toy they love most is the best, but our dogs clearly disagree with us. So how precisely do dogs choose their favourite toy? I have tried to dig into Saber’s’ mind to try understand more about how they choose their favourit

Obviously, there are hundreds of dog toys that are soft and chewy or squeaky, but that still doesn’t explain how dogs choose their favourites. But dogs have more than just one predatory instinct, and depending on your dogs breed and personality, they may prefer certain toys to others.

Can it be the important quality that can make a toy your dogs favourite is you

Dogs can easily get bored of toys when they’re just playing on toy theirselves. But, as soon as you join in, their attention begins to grow. Having someone to play with them makes it playtime.Therefore this must make a ton of difference to the dog. when it comes to choosing a favourite toy.

I have read many articles on the internet about how dogs choose their favourite toy, there are many differing opinions, I read somewhere that dogs are more prone to choose a new toy over an old toy. Because of the novelty of the new, but Saber seems to disprove this idea. New toys to him are to be dropped on the floor so he can get his bit of rope in his mouth.

He Loves To Play Tug

Saber loves playing tug with this piece of rope, so I bought a proper tug toy. Not the same as far as he is concerned. The rope wins hands down every-time.

So what is your dogs favourite toy comment below and let us know.

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