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Walking Your Dog At Night Stay Safe

Walking Your Dog At Night Stay Safe: As the nights are drawing in, we have no choice but to start doing more things with our dogs after dark. But night time brings with it a few risks that can put you and your dog in danger, from cars and many other things Are you being as safe as you can be?

Walking Your Dog At Night Stay Safe
Saber On The Beach at night.

Always Keep as safe as possible Walking Your Dog At Night

Use a Lead. Taking your dog out at night means you are at a disadvantage. Your dog can see much better in the dark than you, so he/she will notice, say a fox or deer hiding in a bush, that you will have no idea is there. Therefore it is imperative at night to use a lead when your dog could take off after something and you will lose sight of him quickly.

Flexi-leads. I hate these things.They are dangerous. At night, even more so because the lead is so hard to see! I don’t know how many times I have seen someone walking their dog around evening-time and I think the dog is off-leash; I have even slammed on my breaks as a dog approached the edge of a pavement, only to notice the handler is holding a flexi-lead handle. He could have caused an accident. He could also trip passersby’s who don’t see the lead either. If you must use one, for whatever reason, don’t use it at night!

Don’t wear dark clothing. This should be obvious, yet I see it all the time while out at night with Saber.

As the world keeps getting scarier. You are advised to stay safer by walking on lighted paths, streets or near roads.

Things That Can Help Walking Your Dog At Night

Reflective or light up. Not mainly for you, but also your dog. Many companies have reflective jackets, collars, leashes, raincoats, etc, for your dog to wear. You can find them at most pet stores or online.

Light-up. These are my favourites to use. I personally use a bike light that has a silicone strap. It easily fastens on to Saber’s collar. They light-up really well, have a flashing or constant mode, They even came with replacement batteries. Led safety collars and more

I always carry a powerful Cree LED torch for occasions where I have to be in the dark without street lighting. Something like this one The one I actually have is no longer sold for some reason.

I had one of the cheap LED collars for Saber, purchased from Amazon and unfortunately it didn’t last long at all. I no longer use Amazon for many different reasons.

Walking Your Dog At Night Stay Safe
Bike Lights

Can dogs see in the dark?

Dogs see much better than we do in low light for a number of reasons, including:

  • Their pupils are bigger so let in more light
  • They have more rods in their retinas and these are designed for low light
  • They have a tapetum behind the retina, which reflects light back again, so technically they see twice as bright

For those reasons don’t take anything for granted when walking your dog in the dark. Your dog may spot something you don’t and rush away in search of it. It’s often those unexpected bursts of speed that lead to an accident.

Always be vigilant and be safe!

Do you have a story to tell about walking your dog at night?

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