My Review Of VioVet Good Or Bad

My Review Of VioVet Good Or Bad
Saber Needed some worming tablets

Here is my review of VioVet, I placed an order with VioVet. As I needed some joint tablets for Fagan to ease his Arthritis, A new raincoat for Saber as the Ancol one he has is only showerproof.

My Review Of VioVet Good Or Bad
Fagan Needed His Joint Aid Tablets.

Slow Packing And Delivery.

The order was placed on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 8:33pm. I checked next morning to see if my order had been despatched, but it hadn’t been

I phoned and asked if something on my order was delaying despatch and was told it wasn’t therefore my order would go out that day. Ok I thought I may as well add Saber’s worming tablets to the order instead of having to wait for two deliveries. Again I was informed that nothing would delay my order.

In fact my order did not go out until Thursday with a tracking facility.

Estimated Delivery Date: Monday 21st October 2019

LutonThursday 17th October 201911:52amVioVet has advised the item to The Delivery Group
Tdg – lutonFriday 18th October 20191:19pmThe Delivery Group has sorted the item for dispatch
Tdg – lutonFriday 18th October 20191:57pmItem has been scanned by The Delivery Group
Tdg – warringtonSaturday 19th October 201912:36amItem has arrived at the The Delivery Group depot
Tdg – warringtonSaturday 19th October 201912:36amItem has arrived at the The Delivery Group depot
Leeds mcSaturday 19th October 20196:00amItem has been dispatched to Royal Mail
Saturday 19th October 20196:00amThe Delivery Group has advised the item to Royal Mail
Leeds mcSaturday 19th October 20192:02pmItem has arrived at Royal Mail depot
Saturday 19th October 20194:32pmRoyal Mail has billed The Delivery Group

My Review Of VioVet Not As Expected

As can be seen from the above table the tracking stops when it is given to Royal Mail. The Delivery Group took nearly three days to get my items from Luton to Leeds. Not a good sign.

Before this I had never even heard of the delivery group. Everywhere I order from normally despatch directly to their respective couriers or the Royal Mail.

The Estimated delivery date of Monday 21st October 2019 was certainly not as expected as the items I ordered had despatch times of one day, it in fact took two days.

All the items arrived on the due date, but I feel a week for delivery is rather slow. If I had needed prescription drugs I can only hope that the delivery times would be better.

The items I bought were well priced, especially the Weatherbeeta dog coat, which was only £14.71 a real bargain for a WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat.

Bottom Line

Would I order again from VioVet, yes I would but I would be apprehensive of buying something I needed quickly. Here is the link to TrustPilot reviews of VioVet.

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