Urban Saber No Beach Today

Urban Saber No Beach Today 1
Saber in the Urban Zone

The tides in again and Saber is fed up,  he wants to play on the beach. Saber usually has me up well before sunrise to go out. The beach is his favourite spot. From there he can watch the sunrise and run and play to his hearts content. We have spent countless hours on the beach. Saber always finds new things to play with as each tidal movement changes the sandscape.

Always bringing with it new smells and various items of flotsam for him to play with and investigate.

Never mind Saber a good long walk and a run in the fields will help tire you out and then you can sleep the time away until the the tide turns.

Saber ready to go
Saber ready to go

Saber is ready to go to the woods instead of waiting for the tide to go out, we decided to travel out in the car and go somewhere different.

Toys packed and Saber prepared for travel of we go to his second favourite place. he doesn’t really like town centres or places where there are crowds of people. he loves to run free and come home tired and hungry, then he can sleep comfortably and dream of the beach.

Woodland Saber
Saber enjoying a bit of training in the woods

We spend a couple of hours here and head back home for a well deserved bowl of food and a little rest before heading out again, Saber doesn’t do rest too well and is always on the go..

So maybe not so much an Urban Saber today, more a country woodland Saber instead.

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