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Thunderpaws Pet Car Seat Cover, Good or Bad Maybe Impressive

The Thunderpaws pet car seat cover was purchased from Amazon, or can be purchased direct from Thunderpaws.

Manufacturers Description.

  • KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN – Protect your car’s upholstery from mud, dander and hair and damage. Plus your dog’s nails and paws with our waterproof and durable car seat cover for pets. Unlike other products on the market, our pet car seat cover is designed to stay in place during your car journey using high quality snap buckles. ThunderGrip slip-proof bottom and seat anchors
  • VERSATILE DESIGN – Sleek and soft quilted design to match the aesthetics of your car. Suitable for back bench of standard cars, trucks and SUVs. Our pet seat cover can be easily converted between hammock or standard configuration for back seats. You can use the car seat cover as a liner for truck and SUV boots
  • DURABLE & WATERPROOF MATERIAL – Manufactured with combination of tripled layered waterproof PU and high quality heavy-duty polyester to achieve comfort for your pets and durability
  • EASY INSTALLATION & CLEANING – Quick installation and removal using adjustable snap buckles and seat anchors. The complimentary car seat belt for pets included will allow you to get going sooner! Our premium car seat cover for pets can be cleaned using a damp cloth or vacuum and is also machine washable (gentle cycle)
  • PURCHASE WITHOUT WORRY – Each Thunderpaws Premium Pet Car Seat Cover comes with a lifetime warranty and 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If you find any quirks let our friendly and responsive after-sales support know and we’ll refund 100% of your money back, no questions asked.
Thunderpaws Premium Pet Car Seat Cover - Waterproof Heavy-Duty Material with Side Flaps
Thunderpaws Premium Pet Car Seat Cover

Whats In The Package?

The Thunderpaws pet car seat cover comes nicely packaged in a nylon bag. This contains the car seat cover, the side straps to hold up the side panels. Plus a bonus pair of car seat restraints. One of which is a bungee type, both have the universal car seat belt fittings. These are fitted with standard style clips for the dogs harness.

Fitting The Thunderpaws Pet Car Seat Cover

Fitting the Thunderpaws pet car seat cover is pretty straight forward using the straps to secure to the head restraints. First open the cover out in the back seat of the car the correct way up. Offer the straps up to the head restraints on the back seats. Clip the straps around the head restraints, then tighten the straps to suit your car seat. Next push the seat anchors through the seat gaps, I like to then go from the boot and then twist the cylinders slightly to stop them sliding out. These secure the cover to the seat to stop the cover sliding. The cover also has an anti slip base stopping the dog and cover sliding around.

The side panels are zipped to allow the dog in and out. These can also be secured with the straps supplied to the passenger handles located on the ceiling of your vehichle.

Thunderpaws  Pet Car Seat Cover Review.

To use the cover in hammock mode there are also straps on the other side which are fastened around the front head restraints. This is the way I use it.

The cover can also be used as a boot liner. This method also works well.

Thunderpaws  Pet Car Seat Cover Review.
Used as a boot liner

In Use.

I have used the Thunderpaws pet car seat cover on two long trips to visit relatives (75 miles each way) and also to take Saber to and from the beach and it has cleaned easily every time, plus his vomit cleaned off easily and the cover protected my seat. The material used on the front part (When Used As A Hammock Seat Cover) or on the rear part when used a boot cover is a rubberised material, which I hope can stand up to long term use. The cover claims to be warrantied for life after registering the product on the Thunderpaws website. A card comes with the cover giving all the required links, for both registering and fitting the cover.

Will I recommend this product?

All in all yes, it has proved to be easily cleaned and also 100% waterproof. Saber can get muddy walking down the road and as it is always raining, or he goes in the sea, the cover has had a fair testing and did it’s job well. Sand, sea and mud have all cleaned of it very well.

The velcro slits where the seat belt attachments fasten, seal very well and keep the integrity of the seat cover.

I do believe this is a very well made seat cover and I only have two little niggles, that is that there are no pockets on the cover for keeping Saber’s bits and bobs. These were on my previous seat cover and I found them very handy. Plus no zip down the middle on the front part, this would allow it to still be in hammock mode for the dog, but a passenger can sit with the dog also.

The longevity of the product has yet to be proved. The cover claims to carry a lifetime guarantee, so therefore anything going wrong should be covered.

Unlike the previous cover I had where the zip went very quickly and the warranty was out..

Thunderpaws  Pet Car Seat Cover Review.
Saber ready to go

Thunderpaws Pet Car Seat Cover


Overall Score



  • Good Material
  • Well Made
  • Waterproof


  • No Pockets
  • No Centre Zip On Front Panel

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