The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade

The "My Dog Is Friendly Brigade"

The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade are an epidemic happening across the country and no one is safe. It’s occurring on crowded city sidewalks and spacious country walking trails. It doesn’t discriminate based on race, age, or economic status.
Innocent dogs and their owners are being terrorized, chased down the street, pinned into corners by…other dog owners.
But, you ask, don’t all dogs like to meet, greet, and play with other dogs, even unfamiliar ones? How rude of them not to greet me and my dog! Not so, kind hearted dog lovers, not so at all.
In every city, town, and suburb, loving, law abiding families share their lives with dogs that, for a variety of reasons, cannot or would rather not, socialize with other dogs.

Today I call on all dog lovers to take a stand on behalf of dogs that walk in public while they simultaneously cope with one or more of the following:

contagious diseases 
leash reactivity
service or working dogs
injuries and painful physical conditions
intolerance of other animals
recovery from surgery
fearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogs
aging and elderly
learning self control around other dogs
are owned by people that want to be left alone

Dinos My Dog is Friendly! A Public Service Announcement

The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade

Lets face it people with dogs are becoming more and more stupid, disrespectful and generally a pain in the butt. They walk their dogs everywhere without any respect for the towns or cities lead laws and don’t always have full control of their dogs.

When will these self centred nauseating pricks of dog owners realise that not every dog owner wants their dog to meet and greet their fluffy little dog, that rules their lives.

The "My Dog Is Friendly Brigade"
Colour Coded Dog Harness By Dexil even this doesn’t deter them

Get a Brain Cell Idiot

There are a myriad of reasons why some dog owners don’t want their dog interacting with another dog of an unknown origin. Your dog is not the apple of another dog owners eye, plus they don’t know if your dog has an infection or disease that can be passed on to their dog. The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade are a serious pain in the butt.

Some dogs just need space and want to go with their owners about business without interference from “fluffy butt” or any other canine twat that has not learned even how to approach another dog in the correct and respectful manner.

The “My Dog Is Friendly Brigade” think that it is ok for their dog to interact with every dog it walks past, or even worse is 50 yards away minding its own and not giving a dam about saying hello to your twat of a dog.

Saying “My Dog Is Friendly” does not mean a thing to my Dog

Off leash dogs are a problem

My dog wants to be left alone not annoyed by a little dog swinging to and fro from a 12 foot flexi- lead. Looking like something stuck on the end of a flirt pole.

My dog has prey drive and it rears its head when it perceives something to chase.

My dog expects its personal space to be respected as he respects others space.

In short keep your twat of a dog away from mine.

The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade react by saying things like your dog should be muzzled. Why because you as a dog owner did not do your duty and keep your dog away from mine. Because your dog is friendly he should meet your dog whether he wants to or not. No he doesn’t need a muzzle he is on a lead walking nicely and correctly till you come along swinging your dog about like a banshee in heat.

Understand this, if your dog is off lead and invades my dogs space and he gets bit it is your fault.

Are you for or against The My Dog Is Friendly Brigade comment below

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