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The Beach at Sunrise

Hope you enjoy Saber’s Image gallery “The Beach At Sunrise”. These are just a few of the many pics I have of Saber on the beach. In the main they are at sunrise. As this is his favourite time to be out. Saber wakes me pre-dawn in summer to get to the beach. When the tides allow it we spend many a happy hour there.

I can safely say that the beach is his go to place. Saber runs, plays and prances more on the beach than anywhere he has ever been. Hopefully this image gallery gives you some idea of Saber’s life.

Click on an image to open them up and use the arrow keys on the extreme right or left of the screen to navigate through them.

Please feel free to leave comments and your thoughts on the images. I would really appreciate your feedback on Saber’s life image gallery. Images will be added over the next few weeks.

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