Saber loves the beach and the sunrise.

Saber and the sunrise on the beach

It goes without saying really, Saber loves the beach.

To say Saber loves the beach would be an understatement. Saber is a German Shepherd mix and is a very active dog indeed. Seems he can’t stay still for long he is always wanting to be out and about.

Mostly on the beach at silly o-clock in the morning. In the summer he loves to watch the sun come up from on the beach.

Thankfully in the winter months he doesn’t get me up as early, so I get an extra hour or two in bed.

When we can’t get on the beach because of tide times (something Saber hasn’t quite grasped yet ) we walk along the beautiful countryside which is the Cleveland Way.

Saber Cleveland Way
Saber looking out to sea

He carries his own food and water and of course his toys!! The military style vest he wears to carry all this is the Jasgood Tactical Military Harness

This harness works very well for him and comes with enough pouches for him to carry everything he needs for a day out hiking.

This site is going to be dedicated to his further and past adventures. Reviews of things I buy for him and feel he needs. Something all dog owners will understand.

The harness he is wearing in the above picture has velcro attachments for water carriers and webbing pouches so he can contribute to carrying things he needs while we are out and about.

I usually pack him up with couple of pounds of minced beef and a good supply of water, don’t want him to suffer any dis-comfort while we are out hiking.


Saber personally paw stamps all posts

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