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Saber Back On The Beach At Sunrise

Saber Back On The Beach At Sunrise

Saber Back On The Beach At Sunrise

Sunrise On The Beach

Here we are again with Saber on the beach at sunrise. Another early day thanks to Saber wanting to be up and out really early.

Start Of The Day

These days start with me waking up to Saber standing next to the bed. He has his cold wet nose into my face.

Usually around 3-00-3-30 am difficult to ignore even that early.

It seems he has an inbuilt time clock. Which gives me just enough time to grab a coffee. I Have a slice of toast and we head out of the door.

Saber then heads straight for the beach.

Sometimes he is disappointed as the tide is in and sometimes he gets his wish. When the wide open sandy space is waiting for his paw prints.

Saber Back On The Beach At Sunrise Playing Fetch

Saber loves to play fetch with his favourite tennis ball.

Then when he gets bored of that we just walk the beach. All the while he looks for crabs and sniffs all the seaweed.

Loving the beach

Whats that?

Time spent doing what?

I am just there to make up the numbers.. and give his treats and water as he needs them.

When Saber starts getting bored. It’s the time we start a bit of training. Practicing the place command on the rocks, or working on his recall.

All in all quite a good few hours are spent here. Therefore I am glad to head home for a proper breakfast and a little rest. Then he is ready to go again.

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