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Rubberised Riot dog lead

Rubberised riot lead with traffic handle

Rubberised riot dog lead with traffic handle

About the Rubberised Riot dog lead

This lead was a godsend for myself and Saber, as a puppy he had a bad habit of getting easily excited while out on walks. This excitement manifested itself as Saber tugging and chewing on his lead.

I hate to think how many leads he destroyed this way. This lead has not only stopped him bothering to chew his lead, but also gives good control over him in traffic.

Even though I have trained him to sit at the kerbside when out on his walks the traffic handle ensures he is kept close just in case something spooks him or he sees something or somebody to chase. Even the best trained dogs can break training when excited, which can lead to them dashing out into the road.

The lead is rubberised and resists chewing and takes the shock out of a sudden lunge forward.

Rubberised riot dog lead

Saber on his rubberised riot dog lead

Brass Fittings

The lead has a very strong connection trigger which is brass. It also has a handy brass ring on the handle for hanging things such as poo bag holders, or a clicker for training purposes.

The rubberised dog lead is 1.5 meters long, which I find perfect for loose leash walking. It is very strong and durable and the brass fittings are anti rust.


It costs £15.24 and was well worth the money, I have had this lead for two years now and it has taken many a beating and soaking from the beach and still looks as good as the day I bought it.


The lead wipes clean with a damp cloth and has withstood some serious chewing from Saber, until he settled down and became calmer on his walks.


The rubberised riot dog lead with traffic handle is set to last a long time and I feel I can recommend this lead to anyone who has a dog that likes to destroy their leads just for fun.

It was purchased from Gappay

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