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Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar Honest Review

I was looking around for a new collar for Saber and Came across the Regal Dog website. They had a few nice tactical dog collars 5 Cm wide. Which was exactly what I was looking for.

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar Burnt Orange
Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar With Handle

I used Regal Dogs Contact form to ask a couple of pre sales questions which were replied to in lightning time something I really didn’t expect as it was late evening. Let me say that this review was initially going to be the Regal Dog Tactical collar vs Bullybillows tactical dog collar. I had used the Bullybillows contact form a week previously asking a pre-sales question which went unanswered, to me if a company can’t be bothered answering pre-sales questions what chance have you for post sales questions or warranty issues. Needless to say I did not buy a collar from Bullybillows.

The Regal Dog Tactical collar comes with the opportunity to add a custom patch for an added cost of £9.99p.

As I stated earlier I had a couple of questions answered by Adam at Regal Dog and so proceeded to buy the collar and custom patch with a combined cost of £38.93 including postage.

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar Spcifications

Our premium nylon collar features a central handle, changeable patches and our signature central D Ring ensures you can always secure your dog with ease.

  • 5cm Durable Military Spec Nylon Webbing – 5000lb tensile strength!
  • Comfortable & Flexible
  • COBRA™ Quick Release Buckle – Easily attach and remove the collar.
  • Changeable Patch – Perfect for notifying others about your dog – In Training? Wary of strangers? Deaf? Guide Dog?
  • Stainless Steel D Ring located conveniently on top of the collar
  • Ideal for walks, outdoor activities, and training
  • More About The Collar
  • The COBRA Buckle  is CNC machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminium alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. COBRA™ Buckles are tested and certified by highly respected independent / 3rd party test houses and exceed Military Specification guidelines.
  • 2500lb Rated D-Ring – The D-Ring connection point is in a different location on this collar in comparison to other tactical collars on the market.  It lays flat along the dog’s neck in a downward position; This makes it easier when finding the D-ring in limited visibility, as it is always on top of the dog’s neck.
  • Military Spec Triple Stitched Nylon Webbing – Tear and wear proof, break and snap proof (unfortunately nothing stands against canine chewing – well… the buckle will, but probably best to not let them get that far!
DIMENSIONS32 × 23 × 5 cm
SIZESmall (43 – 50cm / 17 – 19.5″), Medium (50 – 58cm / 19.5 – 23″), Large (58 – 66cm /  23 – 26″), Extra Large (66 – 75cm / 26 – 29.5″)
Sizing Info.

The above information was taken from Regal Dogs website.

There are various colours to choose from such as:

Burnt Orange



Black check



I chose the Burnt Orange as I wanted the collar to contrast against Saber’s black fur.

Reasons For Choosing A Tactical Dog Collar With Handle

First and foremost I chose a Tactical Dog Collar With A Handle is because they invariably come with a wider option which spreads the stress of the collar over a wider area. The handle can be used to control Saber more readily. Hopefully this way no damage to the dogs throat is done if he decides to pull or lunge while being walked. This is something that Saber will do if he spots prey (Squirrels, rabbits or sometimes other boisterous dogs.).

The grab handle on a Tactical Dog collar is invaluable for holding him back in certain situations when the need arises.

Regal Dog also do a Gold Series Tactical Dog Collar which has (Yep you guessed it) a gold coloured buckle and D Ring. Also this collar is neoprene lined as is the grab handle.

Unfortunately for me I did not see these as I would have most definitely chosen the one with neoprene lining, just for Sabers comfort.

The Review

So after all the talk, specs and ramblings how good is the tactical dog collar with handle in use, plus how does it look on Saber?

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar
Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar With Handle

To start with I have to compliment Regal Dog on how quickly the tactical dog collar and custom patch were dispatched. I ordered on Friday and received the items on Monday morning.

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar
Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar With Handle

The collar arrived in a very nice padded pack that is black and bears the Regal Dog logo. Impressive to say the least.

The collar is well made and no matter how close I looked at it I could not find a loose or untidy thread. The nylon military spec material is very strong and should last a life time. The adjuster is made of metal not plastic. A Cobra Buckle completes the collar and is very secure inspiring confidence in the collars integrity. I really rated the Mia K9 collar I reviewed earlier, but in my opinion this one beats it.

The handle of the collar is strong well stitched and works well to control the dog when needed. My only niggle with nearly all of these tactical collars is the lack of a fastening of some kind (be it a velcro patch or a press stud)

to hold the handle down while the dog is off lead.

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar
Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar With Handle

The Cobra Buckle used on these collars is both fairly lightweight, a point worth bearing in mind when buying a tactical collar with the cobra buckle. It is easy to open although not easy to come open on it’s own. Closure of the Cobra Buckle is simplicity itself.

Although none the less extremely strong and robust in use.

The custom patch I ordered at the same time is all as good quality as the rest of the collar and it will save Saber having a rattling ID tag round his neck. The patch by the way fits on with velcro and is extremely strong. The collar comes with a Regal Dog brand name patch which is easily replaced with the custom patch.

There is a large stainless steel ‘D’ ring for leash attachment which is very well stitched in to the tactical dog collar. The attachment inspires confidence in the strength of the collar. the handle on the tactical dog collar is strong and easy to grab when the occasion arises. The Regal Dog logo is placed under the handle and is not obtrusive or overdone.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend Regal Dog for both their customer service and products. The Cobra buckle really does inspire a lot more confidence than a plastic buckle. My only major gripe with this dog collar is the fact that no protective pad is in place below the Cobra Buckle to protect the dogs fur from catching the dogs fur (especially on long haired dogs like Saber) and rubbing on the skin while in use. I believe that a neoprene lining plus a protective pad and a clip or velcro tab for to keep the handle down would make a perfect combat style tactical collar.

Regal Dog Tactical Dog Collar




  • Cobra Buckle
  • Grab Handle
  • Durable Military Spec Nylon Webbing


  • No way to clip handle flat
  • No pad to protect dogs fur from Cobra Buckle

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