Rantow Super Strong Leather Pet Training Leads

The Rantow super strong leather pet training leads. for medium or large dogs was purchased through Amazon at a price of £12.50 for a 5ft long lead. The spec looked good and I had been looking to get a leather lead for a while.

Rantow Super Strong Leather Pet Trainning Leads
Rantow Dog Lead

Sellers Specifications for Rantow Super Strong Leather Pet Training Leads

  • Durable dog leash made with finest and strong leather
  • Handcrafted beautiful braided style, can handle strong pulls
  • 1 Inch width and 3 lengths with strong brass trigger hook
  • A perfect complement to march dog collars, recommend for large or medium dogs
  • Designed to last long, handmade with neat sewing skills

My Initial Take on the Lead

At first glance the lead looks to be strong and the leash connector appears good having a solid look to it. The fact it has the form of a padlock also inspires an air of confidence in the lead, but it all stops there.

I have some leather food and protector for Saber’s other leather items so I decided to coat the lead with some. Living near the sea, a salty atmosphere doesn’t do anything much good over time. Therefore treating the leather to both protect it from the salt air and also the wet weather is a must. The stitching appeared neat and strong also the lead itself felt substantial. Even though I wasn’t convinced it was a good quality leather.

Rantow Super Strong Leather Pet Training Leads In Use

My first outing with the lead was on a rainy day. Which is pretty standard in the UK given the time of year.

The first time Saber shook himself to remove excess water the lead detached from his collar and left him free on a main road. Luckily for me Saber is not prone to running off into the road. This could of course be different for other people and their hounds. On an hours walk this happened 7 times in all. Obviously I was not impressed.

On returning home I wiped the lead down and found the stitching had started to come loose also, down around the swivel.

I contacted the seller and they replied that as it was fulfilled by Amazon to start a returns process. Which is easy enough but a pain when all the options take more time than the item is worth.

All in all a not recommended from me for this item and more caution taken next time I buy a leather lead, but of course not from China.

Update On The Rantow Super Strong Leather Pet Training Leads

The returns process was simple enough and a refund was issued to my account.

Rantow super strong leather lead


Different Lengths



  • N/A


  • Poor Leather
  • Poorly made
  • Poor quality Collar Attachment

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