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QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.

QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.

Item specifics Of The QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.

  • Type:Dogs
  • Type:Leads
  • Colour:Green
  • Material:Plastic
  • Season:All Seasons
  • Feature:Lights
  • Material::Nylon rope ,ABS

Why I Got One

Let me start by saying I hate extending dog leads being used for walking the dog in normal places, I.E. on the pavement.

I decided to get one to assist in training Saber for off leash work instead of a long line.

I found the QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch on Amazon being sold for £11.99. The long line can easily become a pain in the A?s, in the Autumn and winter weather. It can drag along the floor becoming wet, dirty and muddy.

Therefore an extending lead at 16 foot becomes viable, but as I said for training only.

Build Quality

QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.

The case of the lead is Plastic and feels very cheaply made as does the battery door where two triple A batteries are installed for the LED lamp which is built into the lead casing.

The quick and easy brakey lock switch (Their wording not mine) is also uninspiring and feels as if pressing it too hard would break it off. It doesn’t travel well or feel at all positive when locking or releasing the tape.

The torch works well and is bright enough for its intended purpose, the on off switch however also feels flimsy and light weight (Pardon the Pun)

The nylon leash tape does not inspire any confidence whatsoever and feels inadequate for the weight rating (110 Ibs 50 KG (5M) ) and 30Kg for the 3M which is a 10 foot tape.)

QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.. In Use

The one I purchased and am writing about here is the 5M 50KG lead. I have used the lead while on the beach and in a field I take Saber for training. Fortunately he doesn’t pull hard or run away from me to extend the tape fully out. I feel that if he did either the recoil mechanism would collapse or the tape would snap away.

The Bottom Line

I would not under any circumstances recommend this lead to any one with a medium to large dog. All in all it feels cheap and is very very light in the hand. I most certainly wouldn’t take Saber for a walk on this lead in case he bolted and destroyed the whole thing.

As I said cheap and nasty, I walk Saber to training on a 6 Foot real lead and carry this with me for when I get to his training area. Then and only then do I use it as a replacement for a long line in the winter months.

It feels flimsy very cheaply made and the tape doesn’t feel up to the job, as doesn’t the spring mechanism. It feels choppy and jerky going out and the same when coiling back in.


After using the QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch for just two days the mechanism has jammed. It will no longer retract and the ribbon is fully out. This just goes to show the poor quality of manufacture and materials both.

QQPets Extending dog lead
This happened while walking Saber on the beach

Do you use an extending dog lead? join the conversation below. Recommend a better one that you use. I had to walk Saber back from the beach with the tape wrapped round my hand. Not an ideal situation I am sure you will agree.

QQPets Extending dog lead with LED torch.


Build Quality


Use ability


Value for money



  • Torch works well

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