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Dogs and Anaesthetic The Bad and The Strange

I am putting together this post about dogs and anaesthetic after Saber had to undergo a minor operation yesterday. He smashed a toenail, which in...
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How Do You Control Prey Chase Drive in a Dog: Difficult

What Is a Prey Chase Drive? So how do you control prey chase drive in a dog. Well the answer is simple “training” but yet...
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How to captivate your dog, the Coronavirus lockdown

In this post I hope to help give people some ideas on how to captivate your dog during the Coronavirus lockdown. Hopefully these ideas will...
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Coronavirus how does it affect our dogs? Badly it seems.

With my plans for going camping with Saber scuppered for the foreseeable future. I turned my thoughts to how this self isolation, the Coronavirus how...
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Planning to go camping with my dog (Saber) a challenge or not.

My Planning Process So I am planning to go camping with my dog, Saber and I have never been camping together. As a matter of...
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Is your essential oil diffuser poisonous to your dog or cat?

The question, Is your essential oil diffuser poisonous to your dog or cat? could be more prevalent than you think. As it is not just...
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Olive Oil For Dogs Good, Bad, or Amazing

Have you ever heard about people feeding olive oil to their dog. You have probably wondered, “Olive oil for dogs? Is that even safe?” Well...
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Teaching A Dog To Settle Down and Be Calm

Teaching a dog to settle down and be calm is not always an easy task. But it’s important for dogs to learn to relax, lie...
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Teaching Your Dog loose leash Walking Challenge

Teaching Your Dog loose leash Walking is I think one of the most rewarding things to train them into. However it most certainly isn’t easy...
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What Should Be Done With Animal Abusers

The Uk is supposedly a nation of animal lovers but it seems that many buck this and treat animals in their charge badly. What should...
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