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Pet Heating Pad,Dog Electric Heating Pad. Useful or not

Pet Heating Pad
Pet Heating Pad

The pet heating pad I bought for Saber during the winter months came from Amazon, it is by a seller called LESOTC Design Store and cost £39.70. It arrived quickly and the delivery was fulfilled by

Pet Heating Pad Specifications

The manufacturers Description and specs.

  • 【Temperature Adjustable Heating Pad】: Our heating pad have a temperature regulator with 6 levels. It can adjust the temperature range 86-131℉/30-55℃.(Wider temperature options than most products) You can choose the most suitable temperature for your lovely.
  • 【Pet Heating Pad with Timer】: PETNF timer heating pad – Auto shut down when you wanted. timing system has 5 levels: Always(Default Setting, don’t need to press any button) and 4/8/12/24 H(Need press the Timer button). The pad will stop heating when the timer out. and the indicator light moves down automatically when every 4H passed to tell you how much time left.
  • 【Flame retardant and Waterproof PVC Envelope Enclosure】: Our product’s inner is soft PVC envelope with waterproof and Flame retardant. This product has the highest-grade V-0 flame retardant capability. The outer soft fleece cover is machine washable. However, if your inner pad becomes dirty you can clean the pad with a damp cloth instead of immersing the pad into water. Because it has wires on it.
  • 【 210 CM Chew Resistant Cord for Safety 】:In order to prevent pets from getting electrocuted by biting the wires, we specially fitted our wires with the 210 CM Chew Resistant Cord. But you had better take your pet away from the wires when they bite the wires.
  • 【Temperature Control & Safety】:In order to prevent the heating pad from overheating, we add temperature control wire. If the temperature exceeds your set temperature, the thermostat stops heating and lowers the temperature. What’s more, if the temperature overheating by accident the temperature control wire will interrupt the circuit which can provide a safety pad for your pets.

Reasons For My Purchase

The pet heating pad was well wrapped and boxed and came without flaws or damage (which is always a good thing)

The one I purchased is a 90x60CM Large Waterproof Heating Pad, which is the largest size they sell.

First of all let me give my reasons for buying it, I live in a very cold building near the coast and during winter the pace gets very cold and although Saber has a thick winter coat, being still during the night sleeping, the cold can still get through to him.

Because of this I decided to make a warm place he can go if he needs it.

Functionality of Pet Heating Pad

The Pet Heating Pad comes with a very robust control unit with the cables sleeved in a very tough steel covering.

As can be seen in the manufacturers specs the translation is very loose, never the less it is legible as is the instruction book that comes with it. Albeit very small.

Pet Heating Pad
Pet Heating Pad

The controller unit itself seems very well made and works well. It has timer that has settings for 4/8/12/24 hours and the temperature can be varied between 30-55℃. So far the Pet heating pad has worked very well, I put the setting on L2 for 12 hours over night and have seen Saber go onto it quite a few times during the night for a bit of a warm up.

In order to prevent pets from getting electrocuted by biting the wires, there is a specially fitted cable with a 210 CM chew resistant cord. Hopefully this is never tested by Saber.

Pet Heating Pad Conclusion

The outer covering of the Pet heating pad is removable for easy cleaning and the inside pad can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

The outer covering of the Pet heating pad is removable for easy cleaning and the inside pad can be wiped down with a damp cloth. This of course is very handy as you don’t want your dog laying on a dirty surface.

I have found that the heating pad works well. It’s longevity as yet has to be tested.


After less than a week using the pad, it has started changing the temperature rating. When set to any heat setting the unit decides to now default to heat setting three. So if I set it to heat setting two, within 10 minutes it resets itself to heat setting three.

I will be returning the Pet Heating Pad for a refund.

Pet heating Pad





  • Timer
  • Six Heating Levels


  • Developed a fault in less than a week

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