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Most dogs howl at the moon!

Saber Howling
Saber Howling At The Sunrise


Most dogs howl at the moon but Saber has to be different he howls at the sunrise. Particularly when the tides in and he is not on the beach.

In the above image  he is on the park overlooking the sea and the beach, hoping if he howls loud enough the tide will go away and he can get on the beach.

He loves the feel of the sand between his paws, digging holes and burying large “sticks” is one of his favourite activities.

Swimming and paddling in the sea is another highly rated pastime of his.

Whenever we go out he heads straight for the beach and when the tide is in I have to prove to him that he can not go there, which usually takes some convincing unless the tide is unusually rough.


Saber doesn’t like the tide covering his beach

I Have To Convince Him The Tide Is In

Even though we have to do this every morning when the tide is in, he still remains unconvinced and needs to see for himself. This still usually is not enough to stop him sulking.

His love for running on the beach and playing in the sea is overwhelming. When he finds a patch of sand on the path nearest the sea wall, he always wants to play in it. I hate to think what he would be like if he found a children’s sand pit!

Most dogs howl at the moon but Saber always howls at the sunrise. A strange habit he has acquired and continues to carry out. Saber hates to miss the sunrise and in winter on the dark and cold morning walks it is easily seen that he misses the sunrise of the summers. This even though he hates the heat and loves the cold winter brings.

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