Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar

Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar
Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar

Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar Description By Manufacturer

The Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar is made with high quality materials which include PLASTIC ITW Nexus buckles used in most military gear around the world (Nexus Europe). 1.5 inch wide military grade polyamide webbing sewn into two layers for extra toughness (Pasamon from Poland). High quality thread that is tear and rip resistant (Amann from Germany). Near-unbreakable collar. Tear and wear proof. Break and snap proof (unfortunately nothing stands against doggy chewing).
Handle (OPTIONAL) that makes control of your pet easier in tough situations (ex. spotting a cat or any other ‘prey). Holding close for crossing road etc), handle is sized to fit adult man hand for a firm and secure grip.


The Mia K9 Tactical dog collar is Saber’s everyday dog collar. It is light, well made and very durable.

I bought the Mia K9 Tactical dog collar nearly two  years ago in the Coyote Brown to contrast against Saber’s black fur.

I originally bought  it  because Saber pulled on the lead and the built in handle gave me more control over his boisterous ways on the walk. Because of such things as lunging when meeting other dogs. Or because he decided the pigeon or squirrel needed chasing.


The size was a large (18.5-20 inches) which was a little too big for him in the beginning, but he soon grew into it.

The Mia K9 Tactical collar is very easy to adjust also once adjusted it stays in place.

Ease of contact

Before I bought the collar I got in contact with the manufacturer to ask about the plastic buckle. He did say that as Saber grew up and got heavier that it could be possible for him to apply enough pressure to outweigh it.

This never happened and the collar can be purchased with a Cobra buckle now which would eliminate any concerns.

Saber wearing his Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness
Saber wearing his Mia K9 Collar and Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness

Longevity and Durability

I have washed the collar quite a few times as it does get a good soaking in sea water everyday just about. It also gets clogged up with sand. Each time I clean it I am amazed by how well it comes up, it looks like new.

The materials used are excellent and super hard wearing and outlasted other collars Saber has had. Quite a few along the way have long since seen the bin. Rust on the fittings and fraying being the main reason I have discarded them.

For the price this collar has been by far the best Saber has had, even though now it is fully adjusted to it’s largest size (and will have to be replaced soon).

Therefore I most certainly would not hesitate to purchase another one.

All in all it will be a sad day when this collar has to go, I hope to find someone who’s dog the collar will fit. Because there is a lot of time left in this brilliant collar.

Link to MIA K9 on  Etsy 

Link to MIA K9 Website 


Fortunately for me and Saber I managed to adjust this collar to let it out a bit more. This collar is still going strong and really is one of the longest lasting collars I have bought.

The handle has been a godsend when I have needed to gain control of Saber quickly.

Well as of 15/04/2020 it finally will not fit. The collar is still as good as the day I bought it. I have washed it in a pillow case with the regular wash and given it away to someone who has a dog it will fit. This has been the best collar Saber has ever had.

Update 12/01/2021

Unfortunately Sabers Tactical dog collar from Mia K9 has become too small for him. As I write this Mia K9 are not selling into the UK because of Brexit, I now use a Tactical Dog Collar from Regal Dog

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

Mia K9 Tactical Dog Collar.

£14.95 at time of purchase

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