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Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards excellent

Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards are a basic but useful addition for protecting your pet while travelling.

The sight of a dog sticking its head out of a car window is a very familiar one to most people. Dogs sat on front seats unrestrained and free to interfere with the driver.

Me & my pets car window dog vent/guards
Me & my pets car window dog vent/guards
  • Me & My Pets Car Window Vent/guards – Allows ventilation & creates air flow yet stops pets sticking their head out of the window
  • Ideal when travelling – Helps prevent overheating on long journeys
  • Available as a single or pair – Fits most car windows – Easy to fit – No tools required
  • To fit – Lower window, place guard on window edge & carefully raise window to push guard into window recess – Up to 60cm wide
  • Note: cars become unbearably hot when parked even with windows left open. Never leave pets unsupervised in hot cars. Note: engage the child window lock when guard is fitted if available.

When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Potential Offences without Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards

Whilst breaching the Highway Code is not necessarily an offence in itself, there are a number of offences that could potentially arise as result of driving with an unrestrained pet. A motorist could be considered to be driving ‘without due care and attention’ if it was felt that their standard of driving fell below that expected of a competent driver or that they did not show “reasonable” consideration for other road users. There is no definitive list of actions that can amount to careless driving however a distracting unrestrained dog jumping about in a vehicle could definitely be considered to sufficient. This can also nullify your insurance.

More concerning is the potential for an accident and if that were to arise, the more serious offence of dangerous driving could be applicable. The penalty for dangerous driving is far more severe as the offence attracts not only a custodial sentence but also a mandatory disqualification of at least twelve months.

Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards

Perhaps more significant to a dog lover than the potential for prosecution is the risk of injury to your dog from travelling unrestrained. Not only can a loose dog easily distract the driver but unrestrained dogs can also block or move the steering wheel, gear stick and foot pedals. A loose dog could be injured or killed by an airbag and when hanging its head out of a car window, debris from the road could injure a dog’s eyes, nose and mouth.

“If a dog is not secured safely then sharp braking or a collision could result in them being catapulted sharply forwards, potentially causing life-threatening internal injuries, as well as trauma to people in the car.”

Types of suitable restraints

There are many suitable restraints on the market from pet seatbelts to harnesses and crates that can be secured in the boot of a vehicle. I would always advise visiting a pet shop to consider all options as different restraints may be more suitable than others depending on the size of your dog and/or your type of vehicle.

Me & My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guards
Saber In The Boot of The Car.

I used to travel with Saber in the boot of the car, he was blocked off from the rest of the car by a dog guard as seen in the picture above.

Dogs In The Back Seat

Me & my pets car window dog vent/guards
Saber In The Back Seat.

Saber unfortunately suffered from motion sickness in the boot so I tried him in the back seat with a suitable car seat cover from Thunderpaws, see my review here.

I also moved the dog guard to behind the front seats.

The seat cover came with two different styles of seat restraint one of which I use with Sabers harness. Unfortunately this leads to Saber being able to stick his head out of the window as I have the windows open for airflow to keep him supplied with fresh air.

Where I found Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards

While searching the internet and shops for vent guards (of which there are many)

I came across the Me & my pets car window dog vent/guards on Amazon sold by SDE Online.

Many reviews were positive so I decided to order the Me & my pets car window dog vent/guard from them.

Me & My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guards
Me & My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guard.

First Impressions

The Me and my pets car window dog vent/guards arrived quickly and were well packaged. Like most of these guards they are a garden fence type. So the size and length alters according to the car window size.

They were very easy to fit, just adjust to window size and close the window up. I thought I may have trouble with the auto bounce back on the windows (to stop trapping of hands ) but they trapped easily.

The Me & My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guard are thicker than most I had seen previously and were very solid in situ, inspiring confidence that they would not be easy to push out by Saber while travelling.

I have used the Me & My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guard on long trips and found Saber settles inn the back seat without problems, thankfully moving him to the back seat also curbed his motion sickness.

I can now drive with Saber in the car knowing there are no potential legal problems. Most importantly Saber is safe and free from potential injury while travelling thanks to Me & my pets car window dog vent/guards

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