Julius K9 Power Harness The Good And The Bad

Julius K9 Power Harness The Good And The Bad 1
Saber wearing his Julius K9 Harness.

Strength of Julius K9 Power Harness

Saber is currently weighing in  at 40kgs. He is very strong and when he sees a cat or a squirrel or anything small and furry, he has the habit of  pulling. He also tends to pull away when he sees a bike or a skateboard. Something I am working on with him to break this habit.

The front strap on the Julius K9 Power Harness is  Velcro but is very strong and easy to adjust. I’ve been using the Julius K9 since April 2018 now, and I have never had reason to think that it might break, come undone or even seen it stretch. (see update lower on page)

The Velcro straps are made of a material that is similar to the seatbelt in a car it’s strong and rigid yet pliable as you don’t want it to be uncomfortable on your dog.


Taking your dogs for night time walks or hikes is great. What’s not great it is not being able to see you dog in the dark. This harness has a nice, big reflective strap on the front that works well. The side patches that come with the harness are also glow in the dark and they are fully customizable. You get them in your harness size and can have whatever slogan  you  want on them.

Saber wearing his Julius K9 Harness
Saber wearing his Julius K9 Harness (He found the Emoji out on a walk and doesn’t like to parted from it)


This can be tricky but with a little know how it’s easy to notice when something like a harness bothers your dog.

The Julius K9 Power Harness has not actually restricted my dog’s movement in any way. He still walks the same, runs the same, jumps the same and sits the same with the harness on.

No hair loss or fur loss whatsoever. The harness tends to lean on a certain side just a  bit when pulled on, but it’s barely noticeable and I am pretty sure it’s not uncomfortable for my dog.

You can adjust both the chest and girth strap in order to have the best fit possible.


Keeping my dogs accessories clean goes without saying as after a few hours on  the beach or a hike in the country, he is prone to get fairly messy. A run in the woods brushing along plants and branches and other foliage does the trick also.

The outside of the harness is advertised to be scratch-proof and I can confirm this. It’s also water resistant. The water slides of the outer material very easy, it’s just glides off.

A light brush with a clothes brush removes  the dirt and debris.


This category might not be important to many people and different people will have different opinion, but I very very much like the look of the harness. The  Julius K9 Power Harness literally has over 20 different colour combinations and a lot of accessories.

Chest pads, saddle bags, back packs, flashlights, customizable glow-in-the-dark patches and so on.

All of the dogs I have seen, look great wearing this harness bar none.

Ease of Fitting

Another major thing that is important for me is how easy it’s to put on the harness as well as to take it off. After having used harnesses that clip with four  or even six clips, having a harness which slides over the dog’s head and has one clip on the clip under the chest is far easier to fit on him. More importantly, it’s easier for the dog. Removing the harness is super easy also. But I have to say that my first one had to be replaced when the clip became faulty after about three weeks of use.

The handle on top comes in handy too. It’s thick, sturdy and when it’s not being used it doesn’t get in the way at all. During walks on busy streets or crossing the road this come in handy.

The leash attachment ring is a nice circular aluminum attachment right under the handle.  It’s really securely attached on top of the harness and I can state that it hasn’t shown any signs of weakness at all.

On the left of the handle, there is a loop for a flashlight which can come in handy if you want to be able to see where your dog is at a distance, or it can light your way or light the way in front of the dog.

All in all this is seems a very robust harness and well worth the money considering if you are looking for a harness for your dog. I bought mine here and received excellent service


Julius K9 Loop Ring fo front velcro strap rusting
Julius K9 Loop Ring  front velcro strap rusting
Julius K9 Front velcro strap fraying
Front strap velcro fraying because of rusting loop ring

I was cleaning Saber’s harness and noticed that loop for the front strap is beginning to rust and that the front velcro strap is fraying where it fits around the loop.

Time for the bin and look for a new harness. (Dam), nope after speaking to customer services at bitiba  they are going to send me a replacement yet again.

The replacement was sent out very quickly, it is doing really well with no problems rearing their ugly heads. I have to say that all in all this is a very good harness.

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

Time to Update to the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness

The “Innova Dog Comfort” Powerharness is the new and improved version of the popular Julius K9 Dog Harness. The Julius K9 IDC Powerharness is designed to be durable, comfortable and practical for all dog breeds and sizes. It is the ultimate dog harness for both pets and active service dogs.

The front chest strap has been lowered 30 degrees to follow the natural curve of the dog’s chest. Its IDC technology provides security and ensures that the harness is comfortable for dogs to wear over long periods of time. They are are highly durable and are trusted by professional trainers and pet owners alike.

Key Features

  • * Innovative, sporty appearance with a dynamic design
  • * Soft, breathable Eco-Tex inner liner makes it wearable and comfy for everyday use
  • * Water-repellent outer shell
  • * Luminous changeable side labels
  • * Great for nighttime wear with its broad reflective chest strap and glow-in-the-dark, removable side labels
  • * Break-resistant, heavy-duty, freeze-proof buckles
  • * Built with German-made tough grade materials
  • * Two flashlight mounts for Size 1-4, one for Size 0
  • * Durable steel D-ring makes it easy to leash up and go

Available in 6 sizes and 7 different colours (Beige, Black, Blue, Red, Dark Pink, Neon Yellow and Camouflage)

Size Guide

Julius K9 Power Harness The Good And The Bad 2

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Size Guide

Julius K9 IDC harness
Saber in his new harness

Saber has outgrown his Julius K9 Power Harness, so I decided to replace it with a Julius K9 Idc Powerharness, which both Saber and I are happy with.

I purchased my Julius K9 IDC Harness here through Amazon. Although the first one arrived with loose stitching, it was quickly replaced, the next day in fact.

Julius K9 Idc Powerharness
Unfinished Stitching on IDC Powerharness.


Saber personally paw stamps all posts

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