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Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Good,Bad or Remarkable

JASGOOD Tactical Dog Vest Harness Handle Training Dog Vest
Jasgood Tactical Harness

Buying Experience

I purchased this Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness Handle Training Dog Vest just over a year ago.

The Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness Handle Training Dog Vest arrived complete with 3 rubber patches.  Also 3 Molle carriers to fit his harness, all this was a princely sum of £25.00 at the time.

When I unpacked the harness I found that one of the belly straps was frayed and some of the stitching left a lot to be desired.

Customer Service

I contacted Jasgood and they asked me for some photographs of the problems which I promptly sent to them.

Within a week I received a complete kit as a replacement a bonus as I now had 6 molle bags to swap around.

Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Use-ability 

The Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness was easy to fit and adjust, the front strap comes with a soft sleeve for the dogs comfort.

The vest/Harness is fitted with two lead attachment points both fitted along the top of the harness. One at front and one at the  back. Maybe to be used for lifting or lowering on a line?

There are also two material handles to the front and rear of the harness, I assume for lifting over awkward climbs or descents.

It took a while for Saber to adjust to this kind of harness. When I first put it on him he wouldn’t even move.  After a few uses though, it doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

Saber wearing his Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness
Saber wearing his Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness


We only ever use this vest when going on long hikes in the colder weather although the underside of the vest is lined with breathable material. I feel it would definitely be too warm for him in the Summer months.

Saber wearing his Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest Harness
Saber wearing his Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest on a hike.

The bags are well made and have ample space for carrying his food, toys and water. It is worth mentioning that the weight in the bags should be evenly distributed both for the dogs comfort and also to stop the harness slipping to one side.

The patches are an added bonus and to me are just for fun I doubt Saber cares about them.

In Conclusion

I have seen tactical harnesses distributed under different company names. Close inspection shows them (to my mind) to be exactly the same harness sold at a far more expensive price and without the bags and patches.

The vest arrives a bit stiff and that worried me at first. After using it quite a few times though it does soften up and begins to look and feel a lot better. The Jasgood tactical harness also comes with a material drawstring bag.

I opted for the Coyote colour as I thought it suited Saber better. the harness comes in other colours.

So after a bad start due to to quality control, both Saber and I can recommend this harness if you take your furry friend hiking or camping.

Saber wearing his Jasgood harness
Saber wearing his Jasgood harness

I originally bought mine from Amazon UK but it shows as unavailable when I checked to place a link. It is still available from Ebay and the Jasgood  website 

The above Ebay link is  UK based. and this Amazon link is USA

The Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest 3 Years on

I have used this harness for three years on many hikes and long walks with Saber. Although it shows obvious signs of wear it is still very useable. The harness has lasted well and stood up to some harsh use, Saber can be very hard on his harnesses.

He likes to scrape them against trees and walls, roll over on them and generally give them a hard time.

I hope when it comes time to replace this Tactical dog vest, that Jasgood have maintained the same standard with any updated version.

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

Jasgood Tactical Dog Vest


Authors Rating



  • Comes With Bags And Patches
  • Soft Sleeve Cover
  • Breathable
  • Customer Service
  • Two Leash Attachment Points


  • Quality Control
  • Can Initially Be a Bit Stiff
  • Adjustment Straps too long
  • Price

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