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How to Get Your Dog to STOP Pulling On The Lead

All dogs need to be taught how to walk on a leash in a polite way without pain or discomfort so that a walk becomes enjoyable for everyone.

A statement easily made but is positive training enough to teach a rambunctious dog, with high prey drive and unbounded energy a way to get your dog to stop pulling on the lead?

No pull harnesses and halt type head collars it seems to me are more of the gimmicky stuff touted to stop your dog pulling.

I have to admit that I have tried many of them and they did nothing to alter Saber’s bad leash manners when leaving the house for his first walk of the day.

Playing ball with him in the yard, trying to teach him to behave on the lead inside the house or yard just didn’t work. As soon as the smells of the busy street came into his nostrils he was driven to forge ahead as much as possible. Sniffing, marking and ignoring the heel command became second nature to Saber. No matter what gadget was there to supposedly stop him engaging in these behaviours.

Treats of hotdog sausage, chicken, liver or any kind of treat would not lure him into walking politely to the park or beach. In fact he ignored them completely.

Watched all these types of videos, bought the harnesses, got the T shirt and they didn’t work.

So I started looking elsewhere for what I considered better advice.

A better start..

Enter The Martingale Collar

How to Get Your Dog to STOP Pulling
Saber’s Martingale Collar.
How to Get Your Dog to STOP Pulling
Alfies Leads Martingale Paracord

The martingale collar is great for a dog that can slip it’s collar another thing that Saber was good at. When he had his fear of bikes when one passed by us he would turn around and back out of his collar. I kept the collar tight just for this reason but he could still mange to pull away from it.

Well not so with the Martingale, it served the purpose of training and getting away all at the same time. He had previously slipped head halters and any flat collar he wore.

I did a short review of Alfies leads and collars I have to say the quality for price is brilliant.

Martingale collars, also called no-slip or limited-slip collars, are a type of dog collar that provides more control than a typical flat collar. They prevent dogs from backing or slipping out. The look is similar to a flat collar, but about 1/3 of the length of the collar is actually a smaller loop of fabric, with a D-ring attached . On some martingale collars, the smaller loop is made from chain instead of fabric.

The collar works by constricting when the dog pulls on the leash. Tension on the leash causes the smaller loop to tighten. This in turn pulls the larger loop tighter—but not too tight! Martingale collars are adjustable, and should not tighten past the width of the dog’s neck. They offer comfortable security without harming your dog.

Choke collars have long been considered inhumane and dangerous for dogs. Martingales are a safe alternative. As long as the martingale is properly adjusted. It will tighten just to the size of the dog’s neck, preventing them from backing out of their collar without choking them.

How to Get Your Dog to STOP Pulling
Cloth Martingale from Slouching Hound
How To Stop A Dog Pulling
Cloth Martingale Collar

Bottom Line

All in all the Martingale collar gave me better communication with Saber. When on the lead. This enabled him to understand better what I wanted from him.

He learned quickly and now we have much better and polite walks. Any time he does attempt to pull a small correction on the lead and collar is all that is needed.

I can now use any collar or harness I choose and Saber walks loses lead or to heel as required.

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