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How Often Do You Bathe Your Dog (Too Often Maybe?)

How often do you bathe your dog? Me I don’t Saber has had two baths in his whole 3 years of life. Once when he was a puppy and once when he decided to cover himself in horse crap while out on a hike in the country.
He hates bathing and I hate doing it, he swims in the sea and in rivers and pools. He never smells doggy or even that wet dog smell.

How often do you bathe your dog
Saber On The Beach

Bathing can be detrimental to your dog!

“In general, dogs are bathed more often than they need to be,” Dr Hilton says.
But unless your dog has a skin condition or other health problem, it’s probably not causing much harm.
“If I see a normal healthy dog, they can wash their dog as often as they like,” Dr Crothers says.

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I use coconut oil occasionally on Sabers coat when grooming him (Which I do everyday for 10 minutes or so) and I sometimes use Showsheen Bath In a Bottle when he has picked up some dirt or grime sticking to his coat. Which fortunately isn’t very often.

When he does get covered in mud or dirt of some description, it has fallen off him by the time we get home.

Keep in mind that in the wild, feral dogs generally don’t bathe (and they definitely don’t use shampoo).
So when we wash our dogs, it’s mostly because we want to keep them from muddying up our homes, particularly after they roll around in the dirt, says Dr Crothers.
“Or some dogs develop a doggy smell and people want to remove that, or they get dusty or dirty,” Dr Hilton says.

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Are we over-bathing our dogs?

Well some dogs really are getting too much bath time, especially dogs with double or oily coats meant to protect them from the weather.

If you have a regular, healthy dog without a skin condition, “you actually don’t have to wash your dog ever,” says Samantha Crothers, a Melbourne-based vet at a specialist centre.

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For these type of dogs such as German Shepherds,Huskies etc. Over-bathing these kind of dogs could strip too much oil from the skin.

Brushing your dog can most times be enough

This is how Saber’s Fur Comes Out When Shedding.

So how often do you bathe your dog, let us know in the comments section…

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