Exercise is good for the body and soul definitely

Morning Ritual

Saber is such a beach bum, he loves the beach. He always likes to be there in time for the sunrise. Therefore he loves his time on the beach Exercise is good for the body and soul is definitely his motto.

Saber loving the sunrise Beach Bum
Saber loving the sunrise

Exercise is good for the body and soul

From spring onwards I can expect a cold wet nose nudging me at around 3-30. Which is Saber’s way of telling me he wants to be on the beach.

He can run and swim for hours literally hours. I have spent 5 hours on the beach with him in one session. He he will sulk when we have to leave even when the tide is coming in.

Saber will lay on the beach when he has run himself ragged and all his under belly gets soaked from the sea. Sand sticks to him like glue, which finishes up as a pile on the hard floors at home.

Saber on the beach
Saber on the beach Laying down

Content and Happy

I have to admit though the exercise sets him up for the day and the other walks we have are used for training. The walks are many through the day. Anyone who has any of the breeds in Saber will tell you they need lots of exercise. This is to keep them content and happy.

Happy having a paddle early morning.
Happy having a paddle

Saber takes some convincing the tide is in and there is no beach, he will try and fight the tide back Saber Canute springs to mind.

Winter has it’s advantages

Luckily for me during the winter months he stays asleep for longer but not as long as I would like sometimes, but at least I get a small lay in compared to spring and summer.

An article here at Animed explains more.

He will at least wait until around 5 or 6 am before he stirs and wants to get me out of bed. In the dark winter months I have to wrap up well and face the elements, elements that Saber relishes, he loves the wind, the rain and the snow.

Tell me how you exercise your furry friend in the comments section.


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