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Donut Dog Bed

 Donut Dog Bed

Donut Dog Bed

Donut Dog Bed

I decided to buy him a donut dog bed as they looked the part. Warm cosy and round. Easy for him to curl up in.

I ordered the black corduroy one. The next day I received a phone call.

It was from pet beds direct informing me they had no black corduroy in stock.

The man on the phone told me that they had a very dark blue one. Which was almost black, good enough for me I thought and thanks for the phone call.

My Impressions

The bed is well made and the zips seem to be of good quality as is the bed all round. (Pun Intended).

When it arrived Saber inspected it in his usual way. Gave it a good sniff and decided it was good for him. Then snuggled in to it without further ado.

All in all the bed got a paws up from Saber and a thumbs up from me. It is warm and snuggly and the 38″ size was perfect for Saber.

Pet Beds Direct offer many different styles, materials and sizes. Even better they are manufactured by them in their own factory.

Delivery was quick and problem free. (another bonus)

Saber on his donut dog bed

Saber on his donut dog bed hairs are an added extra courtesy of Saber

Sizes Are

  1. Small     (24 Inch)
  2. Medium (30 Inch)
  3. Large     (38 Inch)
  4. Giant      (44 Inch)

The  bed collects a lot of fur, if your dog is like mine. Saber sheds a lot being a German Shepherd. Therefore if you are a clean freak it may take a bit of keeping up to.

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

  •  Zip off covers to remove inner mixed fibres
  • Heavy Fabric
  • Very warm and cosy
  • Made from a very stylish, good looking fabric
  • Strong but comfortable material.
  • Quite a soft feel material
  • Fully Washable

Donut Dog Bed

£24-£34 Depending on size

Authors Rating



  • Warm And Comfy
  • Well Made
  • Durable
  • Centre Cushion Zipped Cover


  • Fur On Outside Cushion Difficult to Clean

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