Dogs At Christmas Things To Be Careful About

Dogs At Christmas
Saber In The Snow

Dogs at Christmas, make sure they enjoy it too

If you have a dog you should take care to ensure they have a good time too.

There are several hazards and issues that can crop up at this time of year these can cause your pet problems.

Be strict = no human treats

People offer their dogs a mini Christmas dinner to enjoy. Dogs should have a good-quality pet food all year round, and no treats from the table. You should also make sure all food, such as selection boxes, nut selections and anything else left out for nibbles is well out of the way of your canine friends. Remember, lots of foods are poisonous to dogs and other animals and some can be fatal. Items such as chocolate, christmas pudding, alcohol, raisins, grapes, mushrooms, garlic, onions etc should never be given to your dog.

Dogs At Christmas
Saber Loving The Snow

Other Hazards

Christmas is full of things such as crackers, tinsel, tree decorations, Christmas flowers and much else besides. Remember that items like these are not dog-friendly. Remember also that dogs like to chew anything they can get their teeth on at times! As such you should make sure you supervise them and make sure anything that could cause them harm is out of their reach.

Make sure your dog has a nice quiet space to go to anytime he needs it

Christmas is hectic for humans. Your dog may be incredibly sociable and lovable, but the chances are he will still want some alone-time every now and again. Make sure he has a crate or bed in a quiet room he can always go to. Cover the crate with a blanket to provide a den, or simply add his favourite blanket to his bed. Check on him if he disappears, just to make sure he is okay. If you have children in the house, make sure they understand your dog should be left alone if he goes off for a snooze.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about here. So as you make your preparations for the festive season, it might be worth bearing your dog’s needs in mind too. Make sure you have plenty of their food in for the season, and make sure you keep them in mind when you are decorating your home and getting ready to celebrate.

Real Christmas trees can also be a potential hazard for muttly. Pine needles, decorations and such. So keep the tree in the corner to keep him/her away.

They Still Need Excersice

Even though you may feel lazy after a massive Christmas dinner and pudding, your dog still needs to be out and about. Going in the yard or garden are not enough to keep him satisfied.

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Anything to add let us know in the comments section, Meanwhile have a safe and happy Christmas.

Please remember dogs are for life not just a puppy for Christmas!!


Saber personally paw stamps all posts and pages. He is Saber is a friendly happy go lucky boy who loves his exercise and training. It is safe to say he runs the show  

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