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Dogs and Anaesthetic The Bad and The Strange

I am putting together this post about dogs and anaesthetic after Saber had to undergo a minor operation yesterday.

He smashed a toenail, which in it itself doesn’t sound like a big deal, but is something that can lead to complications if left untreated.

His toenail was totally cracked and broken away on the outside exposing the nerves and the quick. I noticed it only because he was licking at it incessantly. He had shown no signs of pain or limping at all.

Dogs and Anaesthetic

I covered the nail in Manuka honey and put a sock over it and secured it with vet wrap.

Dogs and Anaesthetic
Vet Wrap Blue

Saber of course wasn’t very happy about this but I felt it was the right thing to do.

I then rang the vet and asked for the best plan of action regarding his injury. The receptionist informed me that a vet would give me a call back at a charge of £20.00 unless he needed treatment in which case the phone consultation would be waived. This is because they are operating as a closed surgery due to Covid 19.

I of course accepted this and waited for the phone call which was only 10 minutes or so later.

Had I Done The Right Thing?

According to the vet I had done the right thing to medicate the wound and wrap it to prevent Saber licking it and prevent any infection. It was decided that a visit to the vet was warranted.

A Strange Experience

So I arrived at the vets practice at the pre arranged time and had to ring the doorbell. The vet explained that he may need anaesthetic and an operation to remove the offending claw. I was told that I had to sign a waiver form in case anything went wrong under anaesthesia, from two meters away of course. The form was laid on a wall with a pen of course for me to sign.

All this arrises of course because of the pandemic lockdown which we all find ourselves in at this time.

Saber Is Not The easiest Patient.

I explained to the vet that Saber would most definitely kick off, with me not being there, this started with him as soon as I handed the lead over, stretch to do so. He did not want to go anywhere with her and was dragging her back to me.

Eventually he was wrestled inside and the door closed. I was then informed it would be best if I came back at 4.00 o clock to collect him as they obviously want him out of there as fast as possible.

I was expecting to be called on the way home to come and take him away.

Back To Collect Him.

I returned to the vets at the pre determined time to collect Saber and this is when I noticed the effect of dogs and anaesthetic. he was visibly groggy and very unsteady on his feet. I got him in the back of the car after paying the bill. Saber seemed to running on adrenaline alone as he really wanted to sleep but daren’t in case something else bad happened to him.

On the way home I was followed by a Police Van obviously checking out where I was from and deciding whether or not to pull me over for making an unnecessary journey during lockdown. Fortunately I wasn’t stopped so got home quicker with Saber.

Arriving Home

On arriving home Saber just collapsed in the yard and went to sleep. I left him there for a while to let him settle down a bit. I assumed that on getting in familiar surroundings the adrenaline rush had stopped and he felt more secure.

After about an hour I went to get him from the yard, he awoke startled and staggered into the house behind me. Once inside I got him on the couch and covered him up for a good sleep and to keep him warm.

Dogs and Anaesthetic
Dogs and Anaesthetic Saber Sleeping It Off

After Effects

When Saber eventually woke up (still groggy) he started to lick at his wound, so enter the Smart Collar

Dogs and Anaesthetic
Mdc Smart Collar

Getting this thing on Saber was a task in itself as Saber resisted all attempts to put this thing on. Once fitted he proceeded to bump into everything possible and findable. he whined howled and protested in every way at this thing round his head. Scratching at it trying to chew at it, well you get the picture.

I ended up staying awake all night with him to ensure he didn’t hurt himself in his attempts to rid himself of this awkward thing on his head. Eventually he laid down and slept for about half an hour, woke up and the shenanigans started again.

22 hours later and he is returning to himself again I removed the collar as I can keep an eye on him to ensure he doesn’t mess with his wound. I am though dreading putting it back on tonight.

Dogs And Anaesthetic

Have you had experience of this join or start the conversation, would love to hear from you.

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