Why Won’t Dog Owners Obey The Rules Stupidity Perhaps?

September 27, 2020 0 By Saber

Why must dogs be kept on leads in parks COVID-19

Dog owners obey the rules !!

Dog owners obey the rules
Saber on his lead.

Some people have questioned why there are new rules in place in parks and open spaces requiring owners to keep their dogs on leads.

This is to ensure that all park visitors comply with the Government’s advice on social distancing – requiring people to remain two metres apart from each other.

These rules have been introduced across the country to try and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Most dogs are well trained and will return to their owners when called.

However there are significant numbers that do not always comply with their owner’s commands and will often interact with other dogs and other park visitors. In these cases the owners often have to approach other people in order to retrieve their dog.

It is these unnecessary encounters that these rules are designed to prevent.

Environment spokesman Cllr Steffi Sutters said: “We are of course aware that some dog owners will not agree with these rules and will express frustration. As a dog lover myself I can understand and have some sympathy with that view, but we are in the midst of a life or death health crisis and we need to do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Unfortunately some dogs won’t automatically obey their owners and could create situations where their owners and other park visitors have to come into closer proximity than is safe at the moment.

“This is a temporary tightening of rules that will be relaxed as soon as the medical situation improves and the threat of Coronavirus has diminished.

“Until that happens we’d like to thank our residents and park visitors for their understanding and their patience in this emergency period.”

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A lot of people may be helped by this article

People are ignorant self centred and downright stupid

I myself have encountered these type of people on many occasions. They think the rules don’t apply to them, they are special, why should they have their dog on a lead? even when said dog is dafter than a bristle less brush.

They walk onto the park let their dog of the lead and get their phone out, ignoring said dog while texting or catching up on social media. Their dog does what the hell it likes, shits in lumps approaches other dogs and generally cause mayhem, all the while the stupid owner is oblivious.

Eventually when someone does shout to them to get their dog away they either just ignore the request, or shout their dog in a very poor attempt at recalling the dog. The dog ignores the owner and continues to harass other peoples dogs oblivious to the owners shouting, ranting and raving.

Dog Owners Obey The Rules!!

As I said previously I myself have encountered these poor excuses for dog owners. On the last occasion two of leash dogs ran up to Saber snarling and growling.

Saber’s reaction was one of instant violence which resulted in one of the dogs getting a nasty bite on it’s neck, one that I think was well deserved.

Saber was on his lead minding his own business when these two of leash dogs ignored by their owners, attempted to attack him. Well they picked on the wrong dog.

When the dogs owners started to give me grief and recover their dogs, (after they had walked the 75 yards distance between them and their dogs) I told them that if it happened again I would let Saber off his lead and finish the confrontation for good. One of them said “you will hear more of this” to which I replied “Fuck of dickhead”

Because of all these stupid people I have taken to wearing a body cam while walking the dog so I can provide evidence of who was in the wrong, something I would never have dreamed of doing two years ago. But these days I believe a body cam is as much of a requirement as a dash cam in a car.

So dog owners obey the rules or eventually in one way or another you will suffer the consequences, hopefully YOU !! and not the dog will have to pay the penalty for your stupidity.

One more time for those especially stupid and ignorant DOG OWNERS OBEY THE RULES