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Bona Fide Dog Friendly Walks In Yorkshire

These Dog Friendly Walks In Yorkshire a Few Of My Favourites

Dog Friendly Walks in Yorkshire, mean open countryside, stunning views and loads of things to sniff and entertain your dog.

Yorkshire is one of the best places in the world for dog walking in my opinion. So grab your dogs lead, pack up your dog food and drink, put on your walking boots, because you could be about to go on an adventure.

Explore the beautiful parts of Yorkshire. Take in unbelievable views along the region’s coastline and even pop into a few dog-friendly establishments along the way.

Dog friendly Walks
Saber Taking in the air

Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay is one of the nicest dog walks you can do in Yorkshire. This hidden part of the coastline will see you walk the dog on an astounding beach that looks out over the North Sea.

The views are truly special . They start as soon as you leave the car park and carry on all the way down to the beach. Stop off at Kettleness Point to take in the wonderful view. Then make your way along the sand and onto the rocks.

There’s loads of room for the dog to run around here, which means this walk can last as long as you want it to. You can even let them loose in the sea, if you don’t mind drying them off before you get back in the car. When you’re done, make your way into the picturesque village and pay a visit to The Royal Hotel, which is dog-friendly through and through.

Wessenden Valley

Wessenden Valley comes in at just over 6.5 miles. It’s a circular route across the stunning moorland valley at the top edge of the Peak District from Marsden. This is definitely one of the most picturesque dog walks in Yorkshire, with stunning views pretty much all around you.

There are plenty of open fields for your dog to run around in as you make your way to each of the six massive reservoirs in the area. Blakeley, Wessenden, Butterley, Swellands, Black Moss and Redbrook.

Take in those special views and watch for the mini waterfalls on the route too. When you’re done, head back into Marsden and enjoy a well deserved pint at The New Inn – they will be as good with your dog as they are with you.

Yorkshire Heritage Coast

Heritage Coast

Dog Friendly Walks
Saber all at sea

Fancy a scenic walk around the Yorkshire Heritage Coast? This 4-mile route looks out over the water . You will breathe in the North Sea air as you set off from Staithes harbour. Weaving in and out of the narrow lanes, before you take the Cleveland Way up to Port Mulgrave. The vistas here are really special, as you look across the postcard-perfect village and shoreline.

You can let your dog off the lead here with quiet tracks and paths which take you up to Port Mulgrave. As you reach the top, you may want to put them back on the lead, because there’s a bit of a steep drop ahead, but on your way back down, you can let them loose to run ahead through the fields and woodland by Dalehouse.

Thirsty? Pop into The Cod and Lobster or The Royal George for a quick pint, they love dogs there.

Robin Hood’s Bay to Boggle Hole

The Route

This spectacular area of North Yorkshire has been preserved in all its glory: the tiny fishing villages remain largely untouched and still attract many tourists come summer. Starting at Robin Hood’s Bay station car park, you can take the 3 mile route across the cliff tops or the beach, which is dog-friendly all year round. Make sure to look out for fossils when the tide is out.

Aysgarth Falls

Situated in the village of Aysgarth, this is an easy, relaxed walk through pretty woodland and takes in three waterfalls. Paths have been carefully landscaped to make it easy for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and parking is also provided. The falls are part of the James Herriot Way, an 80km route through the surrounding villages and scenery.

A Boggle is the local northern dialect name for a hobgoblin. The mischievous ‘little people’ that were thought to live in caves along the coast as well as the more remote corners of the Moors. Local people used to believe that Boggles had healing powers. Sometimes they would bring their sick children to holes, called “hob holes”. Where the Boggles were thought to live. This in the hope that they would be cured.

Been on any of these walks with your best furry friend join the discussion and let us know your thoughts. There are of course many more walks that are dog friendly. Have you more to mention ?

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