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Dog Copenhagen Comfort Harness

Dog Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro.

Comfort Walk Pro Harness Set

Comfort Walk Pro Harness

I bought a matching set of harness, collar and lead for my German Shepherd mix (Saberdog). From Dog Copenhagen.
The harness very soon  had to be replaced because a clip cracked.
I  have also had  to have the collar replaced because it is frayed on the edges.
I have only owned the set two months. Initially, I was very impressed with what seemed like good value for the money. Because even the replacement harness has discoloured after
my dog went swimming in it I felt it may not be.
Perhaps it is only any good for a dog who has no adventures and only walks the pavements.
Shame really although I must say the company I dealt with have been very good. They dealt with the replacements quickly and efficiently.
Here is where I bought the set from click here



After two or three washes the harness colour has evened out and looks good again. It must have been some kind of stain the harness picked up while being roughed around by Saber.

The replacement collar and lead are wearing well also. Even after being washed quite a few times now, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Saber still enjoys looking posh in his harness set, but only on his urban adventures. He has a different harness for the rough and tumble days.

After having owned and used this harness, collar and lead set for well over a year now, I have to say that it is doing well. A quick wash when it gets grubby brings all of the set to looking good again.

To be fair to the harness after the initial hiccups. It is really lasting well showing no marks, tears or even any signs of wear.

More on that in another review.

All the items I have reviewed are purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers or sellers

Update Fifteen Months On

Well I have been using both the comfort walk pro Dog Harness and Urban Explorer™ dog collar with the matching lead for nigh on 16 months now. They have all lasted very well and look good still.

Saber is happy wearing them and I think he still looks good in them.

Dog Copenhagen Comfort Harness
Saber Looking Good

They have been washed on numerous occasions and have always come out looking like new. These items are quality through and through.

Dog Copenhagen Comfort Harness
Urban Explorer Collar
Dog Copenhagen Comfort Harness
Matching leash

All three of these items have stood up well to soakings in the sea, being covered in sand and mud. Also Sabers pulling when he gets in that mood.

I initially thought that £114.00 for the full set was expensive, but they have proved their worth over the time I have had them.

I would if needed buy them all again.

Dog Copenhagen Comfort Harness

£114.00 Full Set

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  • Strong and lightweight (Harness)
  • Breathable padding
  • Two leash attachment options
  • Easy-Grab handle
  • Aluminium hardware


  • Quality Control
  • Prices

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