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Does Your Dog Need Yearly Booster Vaccinations? Over Vaccination In Dogs

Does Your Dog Need Yearly Booster Vaccinations Or Not?

Does Your Dog Need Yearly Booster Vaccinations.
Dog Vaccinations.

Does your dog need yearly booster vaccinations? or is it all just to keep the mainstay earnings of your vet up to par. There is an argument, that has been going on for a while now. The argument is against the yearly booster vaccinations administered to your dog. Most insurance companies will not insure your pet if these yearly boosters have not been carried out.

“A debate has been raging behind the scenes on the ideal way to administer dog vaccinations. Well, not so much vaccinations, they’re great and vital. They’ve eradicated a number of terrible illnesses in humans and pets. What is in question is the annual boosting of your dog after they had their puppy vaccinations.

When we consider the sheer number of viruses that can bring down a human, the only booster a Westerner following their initial vaccinations as a child (such as the MMR vaccine – Measles, Mumps and Rubella) is maybe a flu jab when they’re 70, and even that is debated.”

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Dangerous Over-Vaccination Is On The Rise

“This table is from Dr Schultz’s research on over 1,000 dogs and shows the duration of immunity of the core vaccines from both challenge (exposure to the real virus) and serology (antibody titer results):”

Table 1: Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines
VaccineMinimum Duration of ImmunityMethods Used to Determine Immunity
Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)
Rockbom Strain7 yrs / 15 yrschallenge / serology
Onderstepoort Strain5 yrs / 9 yrschallenge / serology
Canine Adenovirus-2 (CAV-2)7 yrs / 9 yrschallenge-CAV-1 / serology
Canine Parvovirus-2 (CAV-2)7 yrschallenge / serology

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Even the gov uk documentation on dog and cat vaccination advisory was withdrawn on the 5/12/2018.

Maybe Like Us One Vaccination Does Protect For Life.

Why are dog vaccinations important?
Vaccination plays a vital role in protecting your dog from major canine infectious diseases. These include viral and bacterial diseases. All canine vaccines authorised for use in the UK have met strict quality, safety and effectiveness standards. All pets are given a full health check at the time of vaccination.

How old does my dog need be vaccinated?
Dogs should be vaccinated from nine weeks old onwards with a second vaccination given 4 weeks later. 
Although getting your dog vaccinated when it is very young is very important – it is equally important to keep your dog vaccinated throughout its life.

How often should dogs be vaccinated after their first inoculations?
We recommend that dogs receive a ‘booster’ vaccinations every 12 months.

Which vaccinations does my dog need?
Canine vaccines are available the following diseases:
• Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)
• Canine Parvovirus (CPV)
• Canine Adenovirus (CAV)
• Canine Leptospira
• Canine parainfluenza virus (CPi)
• Bordetella bronchiseptica (Kennel Cough)
• Canine Rabies

The primary dog inoculations administered cover: 
• Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)
• Canine Parvovirus (CPV)
• Canine Adenovirus (CAV)
• Canine Leptospira

Are They All Needed?

Yearly dog booster vaccinations will vary year on year as some vaccinations offer longer protection than others. Leptospirosis vaccination is required annually.

Rabies vaccination is not required in the UK and is only needed if you wish to take your dog abroad. We offer a pet passport service for dogs travelling to Europe.

Kennel cough vaccinations can be administered separately or in conjunction with other dog vaccines. We recommend these vaccination if dogs are going into kennels or if they meet lots of other dogs in the park.”

This is from the Royal Veterinary College. Not surprisingly they do recommend annual boosters plus a kennel cough vaccination.

Saber had kennel cough, it lasted for approx 24 hours and really was not that big a deal. It seems that it is nothing more than a type of canine flu or cold. Most healthy dogs fight off kennel cough on their own. Maybe older and ailing dogs wouldn’t, they would then require antibiotics and veterinary treatment.

The thing is though with all the reports of dogs getting kennel cough even after the vaccine is given ( This is a small amount of liquid given intra-nasally). What is the point of it. Plus you guessed it should be given yearly.

Dogs Are Walking Chemical Farms.

Our dogs are given spot on’s for fleas, tablets for worms and yearly vaccinations it seems that nothing can protect our precious fur balls from disease, parasites and god knows what else without the vet’s pocketing a small fortune.

I know people who have never given yearly booster vaccinations to their dogs and the dogs have thrived well past normal life spans.

The same people use things like coconut oil to protect their dogs against fleas and worms. There are many more organic type treatments for the dogs in our lives to be given, which protect them against the run of the mill things dogs get from time to time.

How do you deal with the worries of dog illnesses? are you worried about over vaccination. Does the many stories of adverse reactions to spot on’s worry you?

Comment below and let us know.

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