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Planning to go camping with my dog (Saber) a challenge or not.

My Planning Process

So I am planning to go camping with my dog, Saber and I have never been camping together. As a matter of fact it has been a great many years since I went camping full stop.

I made the decision on a solid basis really I need to get away a bit more to do the things I need to do and Saber can’t stay at home on his own. For a start he can’t cook or fend for himself in the house while I was gone.

Being a stock photographer I need to get more work done this year, so I decided the best way would be to go camping with my dog.(Right or Wrongly)

I decided to put together a list of things I needed to put together to make a camping trip a good experience for both myself and Saber.

The first thing on my list is of course a tent, this was and is by far I think the most important item on the list. I wrote to many retailers telling them my plan and asking advice on which of their tents would be most suitable for myself and Saber. I explained he was a large dog and if any of their two man tents would be suitable for camping with my dog.

First surprise (for me any way) was out of the very few that replied none of them said a two man tent would be big enough. It seems that two man tents are really one person tents with storage space.

Now I think back to my days of camping I do remember that I always had a tent that was oversized for the amount of people I was going out camping with. So it seems that with all tents person sizing is a dark area and mistakes can easily be made. Leaving you scraped and grumpy because you believed the manufacturers specification on their tents. Anyway I digress back to the train of thought.

I spent a lot of time emailing people who never thought it courteous enough to answer me and my questions until I came across a company called Slumit.

Camping with my dog.

My decision on the tent to use for camping with my dog

The final decision on which tent to buy came after having a long exchange of emails with Marion at Slumit. I did as much research as I could finding more out about this type of tent. The reviews I saw and short videos on YouTube made the decision for me.

These tents are quick to pitch and easy if the reviews are to be believed. (At the time of writing it has not yet arrived.) Initially I ordered a Slumit Cub 2, but something went wrong in the ordering system and the tent sale never actually got processed. A decision was made to cancel the order and continue my search.

After spending another week searching I found that a lot of the tents in this price range were of a kind where the inner tent was pitched first the fly sheet was put over the top. This raised the thought in my head that if it was raining when erecting my temporary shelter the inner tent would get wet leading to an uncomfortable night for both myself and Saber.

The nature of these Flashframe tents means the whole thing is pitched in one negating this line of thought. I looked around and emailed other sellers of these quick pitch tents in the hope of finding one similar in quality that the Slumit seemed to have.

Well that didn’t work out either so I decided to go back to Slumit and try again. My order this time was for a Slumit Gobi 3. This time the order went through and according to DPD my order will be delivered on Monday the 02/03/20. My experience with DPD delivery service thus far has not been a good one so I am hoping this delivery sets the record straight. (here’s hoping).

Next decision I made

The next thing on my list is how to cook food for myself while out on my first foray camping for years. I looked in my storage space and found my old two ring cooker that comprised of a two ring and grill combined cooker I had converted to use a large gas bottle which is now to me too large.

However I did find this:

camping with my dog
Single ring burner

with an added bonus of 4 full gas canisters result I thought to myself.

Then I thought will one burner be enough and what do i take with me to cook within and eat my food out of. So back on the hunt for something of use in that department.

On to Amazon for my next search. To my delight I came across this inexpensive little kit by Gonex.

camping with my dog
Gonex Cookware Stove Kit
camping with my dog
Gonex Cookware Stove Kit

This little kit comes with everything i need plus the added bonus of a furnace head. purchase of a suitable gas bottle through Amazon also and I hope I am good to go (Hopefully)

Next Big decision is feeding Saber.

camping with my dog
We really Going Camping

So for Saber I think it best to take enough of his normal food with us, so as not to cause an upset stomach. Of course a couple of steaks and his favourite sausages will get packed in there also.

Before we go camping out.

So before we can actually go camping out, I will need to practice pitch the tent, test the burners, check the cookware kit. Hopefully things will all be okay and then a decision must be made on where to go. All this will be updated as the kit arrives and tests are done. In the meantime anyone with any advise and experience of camping out with their dog please let me know in the comments.

Update on the tent

Well the tent arrived as it was stated it would, I have had the tent up and no problems were encountered. I have to say that the pitching of these tents is simple and straight forward.

The bag that contains the tent is big enough to be able to get the tent back in after packing away. Something I was well happy about as I could not under any circumstances get the tent as small as it arrived.

My order from Amazon has been split in two however which is disappointing to say the least.

The cookware kit is arriving today and the gas canister is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Camping with my dog it seems is on track so far. I don’t like the fact that I have to be in two days in a row (three including the tent).

Such is the way of internet shopping.

Update on the camping cookware kit

So today the cookware kit arrived, this stuff is tiny. Both of the pans seem ok. The plate though I doubt it would be big enough to hold a small sandwich. The soup spoon is nearly as big as the soup bowls and I doubt they would hold a cup of soup, never mind a full tin.

The cutlery seems ok though and will come in useful. I can only hope the kit will have some use for camping with my dog, but I am as yet unconvinced.

The furnace head looks ok but until the gas bottle arrives I can’t test it. All in all though I wish I had found something else a lot better. Hey ho I will try it and see.

Gas Bottle Arrived

Well the gas bottle arrived as scheduled

GoSystems Butane Propane Threaded Mix Gas Cartridge – 220g

Specially formulated premium mix of butane, propane and iso-butane.

Fitted with a double skin safety valve, to the EN417 standard.

220g threaded cartridge.

Gas cartridge in accordance with EN 417.

Screw valve cartridge with butane/propane mixture (70/30 ratio)

Camping with my dog

This is a nice cheap gas bottle. Just did a test run with my burner and everything was perfect. So hopefully when the weather settles down Saber and I can be off on our first camping adventure.

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