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Camping And New Lockdown Rules Possible Or Annoyingly Not

Camping, ah the great outdoors with your best buddy with you.

Appealing to many, me included. Any who have read Sabers blog will know that I bought all the gear needed to go camping with Saber.

All this preparation was before we were all put into isolation and locked down due to Covid-19

Camping And New Lockdown Rules
Saber ready to go

So as soon as the restrictions on travel were lifted hope yet again sprung eternal. I searched the internet for news and restrictions still imposed or relaxed, but was sadly dissapointed.

Have restrictions on camping been lifted

Even though we are now allowed to travel more, overnight stays are still restricted and this of course includes camping. So my hopes were yet again dashed.

As wild camping is frowned upon in the UK, the chances of being caught make this idea a no no.

So paying for a pitch in a farmers field or using a campsite is a more realistic option this has killed all my plans yet again.

So When Is The Season Likely To Re-open

Even though the new lockdown rules seem to be easing, the anticipated opening for camp sites seems to be way off in July.

Even then it seems the social distancing rules will apply and campsites will be operating at reduced levels because of this.

This obviously means that people will have to be quick to get in at any campsite. Also with the sharp level of uptake on dog ownership since lockdown, I can only assume that many will turn to camping with their dog for a getaway. Of course this will make finding somewhere difficult, more difficult than normal.

So Does This Mean Forget It

Well I for one hope not, my plans were dashed once and I sincerely hope they will not go the same way again.

Saber and I are already making a plan of action to get things going again as soon as the opportunity arises.

Things To Consider When Camping With Your Dog.

Aggressive dogs and camping do not mix, this is fairly obvious and anyone who has a reactive dog should follow the normal rules of etiquette, such as keeping your dog on a lead.

If you do decide to take your aggressive fur ball camping don’t put them in a position where this side of their nature can rear up. Spoiling your trip and others in the mix.

The sound of a dog barking should not be an annoying background noise to anyone’s weekend away camping.

So if you do intend to go away with your dog remember the basics.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Bowls
  • Poop Bags
  • Dog Wipes
  • Towel
  • Something from home for your dog to curl up with.
  • Collar and Lead
  • Tie Out Stakes
  • Id Tags
  • Collar light
  • Dog First Aid Kit.

All of these things will most likely get used at some stage, even if they don’t better to have them with you, rather that wish you had brought them.

Most importantly remember to keep your dog on a lead or well under control in the countryside. It can turn very serious very quickly if your dog worries or even worse kills livestock.

make it a trip to remember for all the right reasons and have fun with your best buddy.

Have you experience of camping with your dog or dogs? she your advice with others in the comments below…

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