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Bath In A Bottle Show Sheen by Absorbine It Is Definitely Worth A Try

Show Sheen Bath In A Bottle
Show Sheen Bath In A Bottle

Waterless cleaning for dogs 

Patented Bath In A Bottle features a 5-in-1 formula that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles, and shines—no rinsing or extra water needed. Our waterless animal shampoo comes in a ready-to-use spray that works without soap or water, so it’s great when you need to thoroughly clean your dog when a bath is not an option.

  • Waterless shampoo
  • Ready to use—no water or rinsing required
  • Cleans, conditions, deodorizes, and detangles
  • Instant spot remover
  • Enhanced with vitamin E for a shiny, healthy coat

Miracle Groom ready-to-use liquid takes care of all your grooming problems, from total body cleaning to last minute spot removal. No water or rinsing required. Safe for use on all long and short hair animals.

Saber Hates Baths

As stated above Saber Hates Baths, being a double coated dog it really isn’t advisable to bathe these dogs very often. It removes much needed natural oils from their coats.

The recommended bathing period for a double coated dog is generally once a year. So how do you keep your furry best friend clean and smelling nice.

I am fortunate that Saber doesn’t roll about in dog poo or fox poo or in fact any kind of poo. He swims daily in the sea and is rinsed off and groomed extremely regularly.

But without bathing how do you you keep your pal smelling fresh and looking good.

While questioning this in my own mind I came across Absorbine bath in a bottle in an internet search. I have seen many home made recipes for the same kind of thing but decided to try the ready made stuff first.

Bath in a bottle -any good?

I purchased a bottle from Amazon, when i still used them which I don’t any more for many reasons too long and too many to go into here here.

The first time I used the bath in a bottle I could see (and smell) that it worked well, Sabers coat looked clean and shiny.

The bath in a bottle also deodorised him leaving a neutral smell to his plush and shiny coat.

I now use it once a month and sometimes more frequently for spotting him if he has picked up some dirt and grime on his travels.

The one I use is actually for horses but it states on the bottle that bath in a bottle is suitable for all pets. Absorbine do actually make a dog orientated version but you get less in the bottle.

In Conclusion

I love this stuff and even better Saber doesn’t mind me spraying it on him either. The sprayer works well and doesn’t clog, sprays evenly and does everything it states. It can be used for spot cleaning and also overall cleaning of your pet. takes no drying off and leaves your pet clean and fresh.

It is even quite long lasting and doesn’t require frequent use, unless of course you have a mucky pup.

Absorbine Showsheen Miracle Groom


Inexpensive and easy to use



  • Works as stated.
  • leaves no residue.
  • Coat is left soft and neutral.

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