Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat

Ancol Muddy Paws 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat
Ancol Muddy Paws 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat

Description From Ancol

The Ancol 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat from Ancol’s Muddy Paw’s range is a simple and convenient waterproof dog coat.

With a waterproof nylon outer to keep your dog dry in the drizzle. A fleecy thermal lining to ensure they stay warm on chilly days. The cosy fleece lining is attached with velcro and is easily removable. Meaning that the coat can function as a sturdy rain mac on warm wet days. This without your dog becoming too hot.

The 2-in-1 Harness Dog Coat is designed to be used with harnesses. As it has a larger lead slot further down the coat for simple lead attachment. The coat also features velcro tabs around the chest.  Also elasticated neck and leg straps to ensure a snug and secure fit. Therefore allowing easy removal. Reflective edging also ensures your dog stays visible in low light. Thus helping them to be seen and stay safe.

The coat features Ancol stamped studs and ‘Muddy Paws’ embroidery on the neck flap.

Colour: Black/Grey.

This coat is 100% polyester and can be hand or gently machine washed in cool water.


  • S – coat length measurement of 30cm and a girth measurement of 44-56cm. (approx.).
  • M – coat length measurement of 40cm and a girth measurement of 52-68cm (approx.).
  • L – coat length measurement of 50cm and a girth measurement of 66-80cm (approx.).
  • XL – coat length measurement of 60cm and a girth measurement of 72-88cm (approx.).
  • XXL – coat length measurement of 70cm and a girth measurement of 80-104cm (approx.).

Reasons For Purchase

Well now that winter is upon us and the rain comes with a vengeance. I decided it was time to get Saber a waterproof dog coat. After looking at the many choices available the decision was made to try an Ancol 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat.

The reason I made this decision was three fold. Firstly it has a detachable fleece lining. It also has a zip on the back for using it over a harness. Allowing the harness anchor point through. Thirdly it was cheap and not knowing how Saber would react to wearing a dog coat didn’t want to waste a lot of money on something I couldn’t use.

Ordering and Delivery

I ordered the Ancol 2 in 1 harness dog coat from a company called Petwell

The order was placed at 1-45 Pm on a Wednesday. The postage was £2.99 and the Ancol 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat was priced at £15.99.  An estimated shipping time of 3-5 days was given. The following Friday morning the item was still being processed, not good I thought.

I phoned Petwell to ask why it hadn’t yet been processed and a very nice man on the line stated he really didn’t know. He would check. I gave him the order number and in a very short time he came back on the line. He apologised stating he had no idea why this order had not been filled. He decided that to stop me cancelling the order that he would refund the postage and upgrade the delivery to first class. Great customer service!

I was very surprised to receive a text that evening with a one hour time slot from a courier service stating my order would be delivered on Saturday.

Thanks very much Petwell.

Motivation to Buy an Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat

Saber most certainly doesn’t need a fleece lined or padded dog coat to keep him warm. I had looked at dog coats in the local pet shops and all were lined or padded. All with a view to keeping the dog warm in cold weather. Not something  needed for Saber however as he is a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky cross. My motivation (selfish) was to keep his thick long coat dry so I had less to do to dry him off when arriving home after a long walk in the rain. Which happens all too often.

Initial Impressions

The Ancol 2 In 1 Dog harness coat arrived on Saturday. It was well packaged in Ancol’s re-useable bag with a hanger and press studs on the bag to close it up.

There was also a nice separate coat hanger in the bag for use with the Harness Dog Coat.

The dog coat itself  seems well made for the price and the detachable fleece seemed warm and cosy for a dog that needed it. Saber has a very thick luxurious winter coat and certainly doesn’t need a fleece to keep him warm. The internal fleece was detached and placed back in the bag, leaving a lightweight waterproof coat to keep Saber dry in the rain. Where the collar of the coat is attached to the main body of the Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat is a permanent slot for the lead to pass through to the dog collar.

On the back of the dog coat is a zipper which is located about 8 Cm from the collar of the coat, the zip itself is about 12 Cm long, this is intended for passing the anchor of a harness fitted underneath the coat to pass through so the leash can be attached.

The Ancol 2 in 1 Harness Dog Coat comes in various sizes from  small to XXX large, I bought the latter for Saber who has a long body and a chest size of 82 Cm.

The coat is 70 Cm long (28″) with a fold down collar at the head end of the coat, the fleece lining is detachable using 4 velcro patches.


The dog coat is very easy to slip on. It has an elasticated neck and slips over the dogs head, the chest part slips under the dogs belly and straps either side wrap round the dogs body and fasten with hook and eye (velcro style) patches on the straps.

The chest part stops spray onto the dogs chest and protects part of the chest underneath. At the rear are two elastic loops that are designed to go round the dogs legs and hold the coat down when it is windy.

Final Thoughts.

The Ancol 2 In 1 Harness dog coat seems well made for the price point. In conclusion though my main niggle with it would be the zip for the harness anchor point. It would serve it’s purpose far better however if it were a double ended zip. This would allow said zip to close up more thoroughly Thus preserving its waterproofing. Apart from that I am very satisfied with the coat so far.

The coats longevity remains to be seen 

Saber wearing his Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat
Saber wearing his Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat


After using the  Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog 
Coat a couple of times. it transpires that 
the manufacturers only guarantee the coat 
against drizzle.
The coat in rain is not waterproof and Saber 
and the coat came back soaked after a 
10 minute walk in normal rain fall.

Ancol 2 In 1 Harness Dog Coat


Authors Rating



  • Detachable Fleece Lining
  • Can Be Used Over Harness
  • Shower Proof


  • Not Water Proof (Says It All)
  • Zip Not Double Ended


Saber personally paw stamps all posts

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