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20 Blade Wide Coat Rake

Groom Professional 20 Blade Wide Coat Rake
Groom Professional 20 Blade Wide Coat Rake

I have like many tried different tools for grooming Saber, My favourite has easily become the Groom Professional 20 Blade Wide Coat Rake. The Furminator and others that copy the same style have tried and failed on Saber,s coat. During the most of the year I just brush him with a slicker brush, which does a good job normally.

We Have All Seen Them

The tumbleweed clumps of hair that roll across the floor and dissapear under the furniture as with a purpose to hide from us. They hide under the sofa, tv stand or anywhere else that needs things to be moved to clean under.

The Seasons Change

It’s that time of year again, when the seasons change. Double coated dogs like Saber “Blow” their coat. This is when the dog replaces all the undercoat with a new one.

This of course leaves us humans with an abnormal amount of dog hair to clean up. I always watch for the tell tale darts or tufts of hair appearing on his hindquarters or shoulders. They look as if they could fire out at you if you get too close.

Time For A Coat Rake

20 Blade Wide Coat Rake 1
20 Blade Wide Coat Rake

After trying too many undercoat rakes I came across the this little beauty which I bought from

The rake pulls all the loose undercoat out with ease and aplomb.I first used it last year after phoning Christies for advise on which one to buy for a German Shepherd or Husky.

The Shedding Cycle

In order to get to grips with your dog’s coat shedding, it is important first of all to understand the cycle that the hair goes through, and in order to understand this, you first need to understand the German Shepherd coat.

German Shepherds have what is known as a double layered coat. This means that they have a top layer of long, harsher guard hairs. Then underneath this they grow a whole other layer of soft, dense and thick shorter hair that helps to trap heat and provide insulation.

Both the top layer and the undercoat will shed some hair on a daily basis as part of the natural lifecycle of the hair’s follicles, and this will generally happen all year round.

Additionally, twice a year when the seasons change (spring and autumn) your dog will go through an intense full shed where they lose the entire undercoat over a short period of time two to three weeks usually, in order to grow in the right coat for the coming season. This is known as blowing the coat, and while the regular daily coat shedding can be challenging in itself, it all kicks into high gear when your dog is going through a full shed of the undercoat.

The way I deal with It

The way I deal with It is to rake his coat backwards removing all the loose and unwanted undercoat. This usually takes at least 20 minutes. When all the loose fur has been removed, I brush him with his slicker brush in the right direction for 10 minutes. This spreads the coat oils through his fur and makes him look shiny and groomed.

I do this at least once a day when he is coat blowing. Once a week the rest of the year.

I brush him everyday with his slicker brush to keep him looking tidy and neat

20 Blade Wide Coat Rake


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